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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

That 70s Vibe

Last year I fell for a long-sleeved, dark denim full button-up City Chic boiler suit and damn did I fall hard. The fit, the look, and the retro vibe is perfect for me and I knew that I needed to get my hands on both a blue and black short-sleeved version of the boiler suit ASAP! 

I never had the confidence in previous years to wear all in one pieces but there is something so bold and brilliant about a jumpsuit/boiler suit. This Denim Flare style fits like your favourite high-waisted flares with the addition of an amazing button-up top. 

100% retro 70s rock and roll vibes this jumpsuit is both comfy, curve-flattering and a dream to wear. Now I have a long torso and find most non-super stretchy jumpsuits or playsuits to be hard to get in and out of. So for any denim jumpsuits from City Chic I size up to the 18/M rather than my usual 16/S. This is much easier to get in and out of and does not give me the dreaded camel toe that most all in one styles can.

The bottom half of this piece has a hidden zip and then once it hits the waist band the top half buttons up. You can show as much cleavage as you wish and as this is a size larger than my usual go-to, the buttons are super easy to close.

Black denim tends to fit firmer and this is a little tighter than the mid blue but I like that firmness more so as it holds me in perfectly.

Teer Wayde in blue denim? Has the world gone mad? Nope! But I will admit this is very out of my usual comfort zone. Now, these are the exact same size and pattern but this denim is much more stretchy. That stretchy you'll have this a little loose after a day of wear. 

Both are so funky I honestly can't choose a favourite and they will be on high rotation over the next few months. 

Which is on your lust list? Are you game to try these amazing jumpsuits? 

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