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Saturday, January 28, 2023

On Tour

17 Sundays, forever fitting me out with the best casual tees on the market but also making me step out of my comfort zone. Inspiring me with prints and styles I'd usually be scared to wear. I swear they have some mystical magic going on at 17 Sundays HQ!

I'm forever a sucker for a cat-themed graphic and I love the 80s punk vibe of this illustration. It's bold, and black and pairs perfectly with my Melbourne uniform of skinny jeans and a biker jacket. The scoop neckline, relaxed fit, and length make this style perfect for my body shape

I'm wearing both tees featured in this post in the Small (14/16) and the fit on both are 100% perfect. I honestly can't get enough of these tees and how they fit. 

I adore this print and honestly will wear anything 17 Sundays releases with cat themed prints. 


Next we have the faux tour tee. Full 70s styled visuals and back locations printed! I adore this logo, the iconic text and this entire vibe. I have so many of their tees in my collection now and  they are both mine and my husbands go to casual favourites. So comfy, such good tummy coverage and always flatter my shape.

Now for a look I've been dreaming about ever since previews of the Lo-Fi printed peices were shown in 2022. Instantly I wanted to turn both the shirt and high waisted shorts into a romper! This bold geometric print has been swooning. 

Made from luxe, smooth 100% rayon twill. an all natural fibre derived from processed wood pulp - amazing!! This fabric is divine! So soft and lightweight it's a joy to wear in the Australian summer heat. 

I'm usually not a huge fan of button ups but 17 Sundays always has me covered with perfect fits and styles that I can style up or down. I'm wearing this set in an 18 and the fit of the shorts gives a little with one wear. So they will mold to your hips and waist to create that perfect fit. The shirt buttons up fully without any issues and I love wearing it tucked, tied and just loosley. 

I honestly can't get enough of each and every piece in this range and as I type this post a new range has just been released!! My lust list is forever growing!! How can I keep up?

What do you think I need next? More casual items? Dresses? More shirts? Let me know! 

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