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Sunday, November 13, 2022

They only want you when you're seventeen

This week 17 Sundays have inspired me to show off my natural locks and bring out my inner rock chic ith their latest printed tees and dresses. Brining effortless causal comfort with a grunge/rock edge that screams my name. 

Arriving just in time for Melbourne to start teasing us with super hot summer weather these pieces are going to be the go-to grab for beach trips, beer garden hangs, and much, much more. 

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with the latest dress creations from 17 Sundays. Long tee styles that are really comfy and flattering while bringing a whole lotta sass with epic side splits. Perfect for pairing with thigh-high boots or flats. Jeans, shorts or just on it's own. 

These dresses are fucking fierce and make me feel amazing. I'm wearing everything in this post in a Small and they are roomy yet I feel like my curves can pop with or without belts. 

The bold logo really pops on the grunge style tee fabric and pairs perfectly with every pair of jeans I own from this amazing label. I love that you can choose to show heaps of skin like I have here or just pop on a pair of skinny jeans beneath and flats and be super casual. 

Just look at that logo! It's bold, big and perfectly pops! Just like my hair in direct sunlight ha ha!

After the success of the first dress style, the Ziggy Dress was the next must-have. Featuring a Bowie-inspired text, lots of distressed fabric elements, and rips, this piece is pure rock'n'roll. 

Vintage black-tone cotton jersey fabric gives you that well loved and worn band tee vibe we all strive for. 

Now because I find the Small the most comfortable the split is a little higher up my thigh but if you are more of a relaxed fit fan be sure to stick to your normal size and the split will hit mid-thigh. I have no shame and love my tattooed legs so I've just run with this look. 

Paired with a bold black patent waist belt and chain to really though a little extra bit of my personality into the look. 

As you can see it's not a firm fit but it's a comfy fit. I love how this dress fits my form and really adds a level of comfort to my wardrobe while still keeping to my personal style. 

I was instantly in love with this tee when I spotted it all over 17 Sundays socials as I'm a sucker for a skull print and the colors are perfect.

My closet is slowly filling up with lots of non-band tees and I'm actually loving the variety that styles like this add. 

Fit wise it's my loved and trusted curved hem tee style that I now wear to death. This relaxed but also flatter style just suits me and I've never felt comfier in a printed tee. 

Lastly the Ziggy Tee in vintage black. Featuring the same print as the Ziggy dress but in the world's most comfy tee! You will never want to take this baby off I promise you!

It's much more of a relaxed fit but still feels and looks phenomenal. With sunlight blazing on this day and my pale AF skin, the contrast was a little hard to work with but I wanted the print and my hair to be the main focus. 

Seriously though while I say you need every piece I review in your own personal collection you definitely need this tee for everyday wear. You will never want to take it off. 

My accessory choice was completely inspired by the Ziggy pieces and so I had to order these amazing lightning strike oversized earrings. I snapped up both hot pink and silver glitter versions to cover both bases.

What's your favourite piece from this set? Will you be rocking one of these casual pieces this summer?

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