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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Lydia, Lydia!

Hello, my loves! I'd like to introduce you to my 3rd Lydia dress by Wax Poetic Clothing from Natasha Marie Clothing here in Australia. Natasha's keen eye for retro reproduction clothing and amazing taste mean Aussies have the ability to get their paw on US-based designers like Wax Poetic without high postage fees. 

After writing two blogs already what more can I say about the brilliance that is the Lydia Dress? Well until now I did not know my life was not fully complete without a spiderweb printed version of it in my world. 

The flocked black spiderwebs adorn this sheer mesh black maxi. I have the flocked rose Lydia already and the Leopard print version so I knew that I could rock them perfectly be it fully rock and role styling or as a pinup. 

However, I was not sure which version it would be more like. Turns out this is a super stretchy sheer mesh with lots more give than my Black Rose version. It has the same stretch as my leopard print maxi and can easily be sized down and fit like a dream. 

I'm in the XXL but I could have easily got away with an XL or even a Large given the fit. So if you are bummed that you've missed out on your size just go one down and you'll be fine. 


Styling wise I wanted to continue the spider theme so I've added my La Femme En Noir crystal spider brooch to a few or my red hair flowers. This combine with the black retro wig gives me super femme fatale vibes.

I must admit the idea of pairing my Vixen PVC gloves with this dress actually came from my first Lydia dress shoot. I wore faux leather with the flocked rose version but the PVC is so much better.

As you can see the flocked web detailing on this fabric is magical. I've worn an solid black and mesh bra beneath a corset and high waisted knickers but you can wear solid black or even nude. These maxi dresses also looking amazing when paired with a little slip. 

Honestly I can't get enough of this dress and can't wait to wear it out on the town. Might have to be paired with tights and thigh high boots though during winter. 

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