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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Earlier this year I feel in love with a little romper. A classically tailored piece of perfection that my body would not be able to live without. What roper you ask? Well let me tell you. 

After being smitten with Micheline's Vactaion syle stretchy romper and ordering another lace version I needed something a little bit more moto/biker in my collection.  The Pussycat Romper was previewed in the Vixen Salon and the fit, detailing and perfect pairing of knee high boots hand it instantly on my lust list.

I ordered my usual size and thought I will be fine but then I had 2 huge failures with structured rompers and jumpsuits. Every year I seem to forget that I have a long torso and that when shopping for such 'all in one' fits I need to be mindful of that.  Going straight in with my usual vixen size was great everywhere but my long torso got squished and I was almost hunching. 

Quickly I returned the 2XL and went one size up to the 3XL which gives me more length where I need it. This is a really structured and well-tailored piece with limited stretch so if you are spot-on for your usual size measurements but have no long or short torso issues then you'll be safe with that size.

The 3XL honestly to me feels more like a 2XL and a plus-size lass I feel that it is a going size up might be better in genreral for a really comfortable fit. 

While I still wear everything else in a 2XL I'll be ordering th Ghostbusters version of this and maybe even the LFEN Alien full Jumpsuit in a larger size to help with torso fit issues. So if you try a style much like these and you feel hunched - you will need a size up. That was my instant giveaway.

Asides from that I adore this piece. The fully functioning zips, pockets and that bold long silver zip mean you can show as much skin or as little as you want. Now I wanted to show you the true fit with this piece so I've opted to go corsetless. I love the fit and feel amazing wearing it. 

For my accessories, I'm wearing some amazing Lightning Bolt Earrings from Deluxe Designs and Creations a local Aussie company. My thigh-high boots are from Shoe Me.

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