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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

An 80's cartoon dream!

Sarsparilly have made my childhood dreams come true in dress form with their latest collection of the iconic little miss Strawberry Shortcake! I was OBSESSED with this character when I was a little girl and now I can wear them in print!

Berry Best Friends Dress 

I don't think I've ever worn or owned a piece as sweet as this dress! A sweet as sugar print covered with the adorable characters Custard and Pupcake with lots of strawberries. Super lightweight, so comfy and yes it has pockets!

I love the extra pop of glitter of two strawberry-shaped diamante patches and matching velvet heart-covered buttons on the cuffs. This style is a cute little summer mini but I think with the right styling and a little lolita inspo this could be worked into every season. 

Now size wise I'm never 100% sure what my boobs will do within a garment so I went for the 3XL. It's fitting the twins perfectly with room to spare but there is lots of room at the waist. The hips are fine either way as the skirt just skims over that area.

I can easily size down in this so if you, like me, order styles to fit your bust and then tailor to your waist be sure to double check the size chart. I've got giant boobs and a 2XL waist so it's my life now to get all goodies tailored.

Now styling wise I knew I wanted to go fully into theme so I picked up a pair of Poison-99-2 Baby Pink Demonia's from  to pair with this adorable look. The soft baby pink faux leather is a perfect match and the heart rings are sweet as sugar. 

I'm wearing these wedges in my usual size 10US and they are a perfect fit. I'm a huge fan of the Poison style wedge from Demonia an now have 4 pairs in total. they are comfy and really easy to walk in. 

I knew I needed something a little extra to make this piece shine as well so I ordered the amazing Stevie wig from Annabelles Wigs in the UK. This is my 3rd wig from their collection and I love being able to change up my look effortlessly. 

The dusty shade of pink is the perfect pairing with this strawberry themed outfit. 

I also needed to sneak in my beloved strawberry crown! I've used this one way too much but how can I not when it's this sweet? This crown was created by Lucy Wilkins and I need to order a few more pieces from her range asap. 

Next I'll be shooting my dream piece from the Care Bears range once it's restocked so I've made my inner 4 year old very, very happy.

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