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Saturday, July 10, 2021

17 Sundays for Everybody

As you know I've been a fan of 17 Sundays since the start. The level of comfort, stunning construction and attention to detail in each and every piece makes their ranges a must have for me. But recently I've noticed my love Jay has been eyeing off each of my pieces and wanting to steal them. I'm always super protective over my favourite pieces but with their range we can easily share styles as they suit everyone of every shape. size and gender. 

I'm very proud of my love as they have come out as Non Binary recently and I'm absolutely smitten with their style. Taking a little influence from my wardrobe but really making it truly there's. 

For our latest 17 Sundays haul we wanted to show the same look on each of us and how adaptable, sleek and stylish each piece really is. 

Both Jay and I are a sucker for a stripped top and the length knit is our ultimate winter jumper. Super soft knit with curve hem, a perfect full sleeve and drop shoulder making this perfect for a busy lass like myself or even someone without an ample chest. 

The curve hem, soft knit and scoop neckline are really flattering on all shapes and you'll be wearing this day in, day out! We are both wearing the S (14-16) size and I love how differently it fits our body shapes. 


I've styled this piece with my Warpaint Joggers and I adore a ripped relaxed fit jean and Jay a pair of black leggings - both absolutely effortless yet polished. 

Our shoe choices had to be black with metal studs and I'm loving the more bold boot on Jay's look. 

Seriously smitten over my love in this look! The vibe is HOT! We love this piece so much that a few other versions will need to be added to our collection of the next next month!

Next a tee that I've been living in over the last few weeks the basic longline. Long enough to wear over leggings this little piece is so comfortable and flattering you'll need it in each and every colourway.  With the same curved hem and scoop neckline this piece flatters in the same way but with a shorter sleeve. 

I honestly think Jay rocks this tee harder than I do as it's just perfect on them! I'm wearing the M (18-20) and Jay's in the S (14-16). I can easily size down in these but I actually like the room on the medium for my bust. 


Paired with the joggers once again which might be my new faves when it comes to jeans. So comfortable yet they really give my legs a great shape. The relaxed pull tie waist means no rigid waist lines. I'm wearing the 18 and they are perfection! I'll be adding each and every colour to my wardrobe eventually. 

I adored shooting with Jay and guiding them into posing etc. I love what we created and that this label is no longer seen as a Women's only brand in our mind. 

I can't wait to do more sets like this with my love and keep broadening their fashion collection!

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