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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Stocking Riot!

 If you are a follower for my IG account you'll know very well by now that I'm smitten with local hosiery store Stocking Riot! They have the best selection of standard and plus sized tights, stockings and more. I've featured their amazing patterned net tights with lots of my shoe posts but for this review I was asked to give my honest opinion of their anti chafing shorts. 


I've reviewed anti-chafing products in the past and I've mentioned that I don't have a huge issue with chafing unless I'm at a festival or camping etc. I tend to have that issue in warm climates when we are at a 3 day music festival etc. and the weather just gets to me. So I'm always open to trying new and innovative ways to help relieve this. 

Stocking Roit has the most comfortable, light and smoot shorts ever made that will and do prevent chafing!! They are absolutely effortless to wear and fit so softly. I'm in the XL - 3XL and they are  touch too big on my size 18 frame but the comfort level is that good I'm not having an issue. 

The fit smoothly, cover the right amount of upper thigh and really do protect you from any annoying rubbing. Plus at such a cheap price they are easy to stock up on and wear all the time. Plus they sheer black fabric and faux underwear looks cute even if you do flash your draws. 


Plus while I'm here I need to swoon over these amazing fine fishnets with built in suspenders. They are the absolute bees knees and I'm adoring how they pair with my Sourpuss neon green leopard wiggle. 

It was super hard to show how they fit as on me they are really high but for a reference here is the actual product shot. They will fit more elongated on curvier hips but still sit high.

I'm wearing the XL-2XL and they fit so well! But be very careful if you have nails as these are a delicate fabric and with a slip of a long nail they can get a run. 

I can't get enough of all of Stocking Riot's pieces and will be adding more to my wardrobe over the colder months as I love styling funky stockings with boots and layers.

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