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Monday, March 29, 2021

Sourpuss Swim

Another year passes and I'm back in a string bikini!!! I'm usually not brave enough to wear such a piece of swimwear but when Sourpuss Clothing releases the cutest prints on earth exceptions have to be made, shoots need to be set up and all of their funky swimwear options need to shine! 

This year Sourpuss have absolutely spoilt us with amazing prints and styles and today I'm featuring all of them! Yes all of the new styles! This was such a joy to shoot! 

For both the Monokini and the Bikini's I'm wearing a size XXL. If I wear the same size throughout a review I like state that from the start so I don't write it to many times.

So lets start with the Monokini .This is my first ever version of a style like this and I have to say I'm 100% obsessed with it. The perfect style for someone who is wanting show skin but not fully commit to a two piece set. 

Now the fabric used in each suit is where the magic lays. There is no underwires or over the top inbuilt cups sections but the girls are perfect encased in the top crop section and my the high waisted bottom half really smooths and hugs your hips. 

I tend to have fit issues in the bust on pretty much all swimsuits but the crop top style of this one piece really rocks on my 36HH bust-line. 

The prints/ themes on each piece really make my heart sing as well. Bold 80's neon leopard prints, skulls, bats, sea creatures and more! 

What I love about a suit like this asides from the fab fit and comfort levels is that I can sneak all of these pieces into my wardrobe as bodysuits as well. Pairing each with a wiggle or skater skirt will be so freaking cute!

Luckily for me I go into full model mode when shooting pieces like this so all my worries and body issues took a back seat. Yes I have lumps, bumps, stretch marks, a tummy etc but why the hell should I hide it!  Now it's string bikini time!

This ain't my first string bikini rodeo so the fear of jumping onto the beach and shooting this pieces as not there. However it turned out there was an early afternoon wedding on so the attendees did get an  eyeful. 

I've worn string bottoms before but this is my first time trying a full set and I'm actually loving it! While they do not have the epic lift of a cupped two piece they still hold me up, look adorable and really make me feel pretty damn fine. 

I've even found the perfect skater skirt to pair with the Luna Bat bikini which just so happens to be an item that's due to hit Sourpuss very soon. The perfect piece to pop on over your swimsuit before or after your swim.

What I love most about all of these new Sourpuss pieces are the brings! So bright and fun and really perfectly design. The bright pops of colour in this under the sea print is just magical.

The string pieces are fully adjustable so you can wear them as loosely or tightly as possible. It's all about comfort with each and every piece. 

Again the Luna Bats skirt is the perfect cover up! With darker tones and black based prints most of these swimsuits will be a perfect match for this skater skirt.

I'm usually not a fan of all over skull prints these days but this adorable multi-coloured almost polka dot print has won me over. Those tiny little skulls are adorable. 

As you can see I really feel great in these pieces and I was so comfortable showing them off! 

A bikini body is literly the body wearing the bikini so why should I hide anything? Yes I've got a thick midsection but hell I can still rock these looks!

I think this print is by far my favourite though as it's giving me Cramps/80's punk vibes. 

The bold neon pink and green of the leopard is so cute and bold and I love how it pairs with my darker hair.

Could you tell I was feeling it? 

Ahhh!! Now I need this print in a top, skirt and skater dress please Sourpuss?

Then finally we have the classic black style. This is a core must have item as you can mix and match these pieces with any print! I love mixing solids with prints and with all of these styles I've got and endless supply of options. 

What's your favourite style and print? 

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