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Monday, March 8, 2021


As Australia gets absolutely sweltering in the summer I'm always asked for recommendations for chub rub/thigh chafing issues. Oddly enough I don't actually suffer from this issue all that often but I've know the pain as I tend to have it happen when I'm camping, at a weekend music festival etc. 

In every day life it's not so much of an issue personally for me but I know so many men and women around the globe and close to home who need relief. Now chafing is does not just target plus size thighs it's been an issue for everyone over the years and even my skinny legged husband knows this annoying pain. While the fellas are covered with great underwear women have long been stuck with shorts to help but honestly they can get a little daggy and with a great big gust of wind who wants to show those off?

Thankfully Bandelettes have come to the rescue with a product that's not only sexy it actually beats chub rub! 

A stunning little lace garter that will stay in place all day and help protect your inner thighs. 

Now I can't write about a product until I've worn it so today we took the red lace and black out of a test run and even though I'm not having an rubbing issues currently they are perfect for such protection. 

They are absolutely effortless to wear and after a few minutes you'll forget that these little lace numbers are even on. You can place these at the point on your upper thigh that suits best and they won't move! Brilliant designs that truly protect. 

Plus if a gust of wind hits or your skirt's a little short you'll just be showing off a lace garter and that's hot! So don't fret, nor worry about daggy bike shorts to help. Bandelttes are here to save your thighs.

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