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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sarsparilly Sweetness

 If there is one brand today that always inspire me to wear colour it has to be Sarsparilly! The prints, stunning tailoring and absolutely adorable creations make me want to wear shades I've never considered me before.

So for this feature I wanted to give you a full review of 3 of my favourite pieces and help you with any fit issues. Now I'm a sucker for a bright retro print and the Cindy Skirt instantly stood out to me while hunting for some cute pieces online. 

The vintage inspired cereal bowls in different soft pastel shades really pops on the back base and I'm just loving how it bold and sweet it is. 

Now size wise I'm wearing the 2XL in this piece as the fabric has a little stretchy which makes this waistband a perfect fit. So comfy to wear without any retraction or tightness. The length hits me just below my knees and the swing shape is full and perfect.

Now for one of the sweetest knit's I've ever owned. The Dorothy is a cropped short sleeve knitted to top with ruby red sequin heart. Super stretchy, light and soft as a feather. I'm wearing this in an XL and as you'll notice in this post each piece I'm wearing is a different size. I'm always looking at fit, stretchy and tailoring to suit my shape and the size in each piece is perfect for my body shape. This kit also comes in a pale pink and crisp white. I think I'll be needing the pink next as it will pair perfectly with this skirt. 

Next we have a little ray of sunshine in dress form! I've seen lots of people on Instagram wearing the coveted Maria dress in baby pink and blue but not enough in this stunning soft shade of yellow. 

I'm usually more of a mustard fan but there is something so sweet about this piece and I needed to have it! 

The fully swing skirt, fitted short sleeves, pussy bow and matching heart buttons are so detailed and beautiful and uniquely created. The fabric is soft, light and a joy to wear with the option of wearing the neck tine in a full bow or as I've shown a more relaxed tie style. 

I'm wearing this piece in a 3XL as I'm forever needing to size up with button up garments and the size of my bust can pop a button haha! There is a little stress still on these buttons but I'll be finding a better fitting bra shortly to wear beneath. 

I just adore the colour and how it absolutely glows! Styling wise I've paired both looks with a classically sweet pair of Irregular Choice heels and some white bobby socks. I feel so freaking cute in both of these looks! 

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