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Monday, November 23, 2020

Woodland Fairies and Christmas Cheer

This week I was lucky enough to borrow a few looks from Lucy Wilkins collection and race off into the pine forest for a shoot! I can't tell you how it feels to be back shooting on location and back to my favourite spots once again! 

For this shoot I wanted to try something that you'd usually not imagine me in and of course I had to sneak in a full festive look as well. 

When I saw Lucy post this absolutely magical dress on Instagram I knew I had to wear it for a photoshoot. The volume, those sleeves, the stunning ribbons and all of those perfectly pretty details had to be on my body!

What might be the most flouncy dresses ever! The Romance dresses is giving me Gilda The Good Witch vibes! Made from beautiful sparkly floral organza, lined with even more sparkly twinkle satin and trimmed with soft satin ribbon - plus pockets!!

I felt absolutely amazing while wearing this piece and honestly could not stop twirling and moving this super full skirt.

Now with all of Lucy's amazing pieces you can order them in standard sizes or custom for no extra charge. So if you want a longer sleeve, shorter length etc. this can be sorted with ease! 

As mentioned in one of my previous reviews for this amazing label the designer and I are the same size so I've been able to borrow her samples to shoot. But I'll be ordering a custom red gingham number very soon. 

I don't know if you can tell but I'm really feeling this piece ;) 

I never thought such a colour combo and epic amount of volume would work but I adore it!! This style will need a nude plunge bra so don't be silly like me and forget to add one!

Lucy is a magician I tell you! This dress is otherworldly and will make you feel absolutely amazing. 

Christmas Midi/Mini Dress 

Matching Turban and Brooch/Pin

Not long till the festive season officially hits so weekly you'll be seeing many Christmas looks coming from me. When I saw this adorable little number I knew I had to model it! From the fitted plaid skirt with shimmering gold ribbon within to the super stretchy peasant style blouse. 

This little dress is perfection!!! It's all of those little details that make this piece shine and guess what you even get pockets!!

Now if you are close to me size wise opt for the 18 from the standard size menu but remember if you want anything more specific you can custom size for free! 

This dress is an absolute joy to wear and I wish I could have kept it! But I was that inspired I actually ordered a red plaid mini dress from Lucy yesterday! I could not live without it obviously. 

What I love most about ordering from Lucy's store is the fact that you can add accessories to your look that are created to match each piece perfectly. From head scarves to bloomers, brooches to headpieces and more. 

I'm wearing the matching turban and brooches and you guessed it these are now mine! I instantly transferred money as I could not let this turban/flower combo go. Visually stunning and padded in the right places so you'll never get those headband headaches. Plus the flowers are detachable and have both a brooch clasp and hair flower attachment so you can mix and match. 

 I can't wait to shoot my next order and show you just how stunning each and every piece is. Be sure to check out Lucy's store and shop up a storm like I did this week! 

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