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Saturday, November 21, 2020

More Blackmilk Goodies!

 My last Blackmilk Clothing shoot for 2020 is finally here. Looking back I've fallen in love with so many styles and have honestly lived their goodies throughout this crazy year. I've tried new styles that I never thought would work on me and pushed the limits on my comfort zone. 

For this post I'm focusing on some essential pieces that you can pick up right now! 

Klimt Collage Pink Sheer Romance Dress

Billowing sleeves, sheer almost weightless skirt and a perfect neckline? The sheer romance dress is my latest obsession for super warm days. So light, so easy to wear and amazingly comfortable. 

Now for art lovers this print might look familiar as it's a Gustav Klmit pieces turned into wearable fashion. Yes a mixture of the amazing landscapes all mixed to create such a bold and unique floral fabric. 

I'm wearing the XL and it's roomy! But for hot weather I'd rather a more roomy fit that it being skin tight. I could easily go down a size as it's roomy at the bust and waist. 

Tartan Red Evil Skater Dress

Inspire by my love for tartan and more festive looks I've put my own little spin on this awesome red plaid skater dress. The BlackMilk Evil Skaters are absolutely fab! So easy to style and wear. I simply paired this perfectly little mini with my bright red moto and an in theme headband for a little punk rock Christmas feel.

This is the XL and the fit is spot on. I've found that for any of the the skater styles the XL really accommodates my bust with ease. 

Chinoiserie Magenta Tier Romance Dress

After falling in love with a autumnal printed pieces of floral magic in maxi form earlier this year I knew that with any new released I'd obviously need to snap them all up. I'm also an absolute sucker for Chinoiseries prints and the magenta tiered romance dress was to pretty not to order.

I just adore everything about his style. Those flowing arms once again, the bust, skirt length and that amazing flowing fabric. I will admit that this is a super roomy fit and I think a large apposed to the XL I'm wearing would be more suitable for my body. 

The print is so detailed and stunning I can't get enough of it! 

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