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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Welcome To Halloweenia

This week I finally get to show the set I shot for the fantastic collection Welcome To Halloweenia  from BlackMilk Clothing. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of the most lusted after items and I wanted to capture them in all their glory - so it's only fitting that we were inspired by Little Red Riding-hood. 

I was completely blown away with this combo and instantly wanted to create the perfect little gothic red ridding hood. 

I've never owned BlackMilk's burnt velvet prints until this year but holy hell I swear I've been missing out. Not only are they super lightweight and amazing to wear but the details are phenomenal. 
Each print POPS and as you can see the mixture of sheer black red burnt velvet is so vibrant and strong.


I opted for the XL in this dress and it really fits my shape perfectly. No over warping of print at the bust and it flows so perfectly. The handkerchief hem is is so flattering and this piece turn out to be longer on me that I expected - extra bonus for all that flowing fabric.

Now this fabric is sheer so I opted for a black bra and shape-wear to make a more solid print on bodice area but any dark bra rocks with this piece. 

The cape might well be my all time favourite piece BlackMilk has ever released. The little details of this piece are pure magic. The faux leather buckles add that extra gothic touch and help the piece sit perfectly on your clavicle. This piece is one size fits all and it's really rather spectacular. It's much longer that expected and so flattering. I will be pairing this with lingerie in an upcoming shoot to show just how versatile it is. 

Inspired by the clasp I had to pair the full outfit with one of my move beloved Orchard Corset belts. The strong silver hardware and buckles are the perfect match. 

Obviously I'm set for Halloween now I just need to set up a zoom part at home and spooky the night away!

I could not get this song out of my head the entire shoot so enjoy! 


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