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Monday, August 3, 2020

Woodland Wonders

I'm forever in love with forest or woodland based creatures and when Erstwilder releases new ranges based around these concepts you'll instantly see me right here making grabby hands over every adorable piece.

For this shoot I wanted to feature one of each kind of piece on offer paired with one of the new release hair scarves. Inspired by my each piece and my own wardrobe we created a little bit of magic in our own backyard and I'm loving the results.

When I first saw the whole collection I feel in love with many pieces but the Mallards stood out to me. It's something that I've never had in my collection and I was a little inspired by The Office so opted for the necklace and earrings to wear as a combo.

The simplicity and cuteness of this necklace has me swooning. The mother mallard with her two little ones following close behind is the sweetest piece I've ever owned and a great statement necklace.

This set perfectly pairs with my very on theme woodland printed dress from Colletif and the amazing hair scarf mushroom print in ruby red. The soft, silky and absolutely divine feel of these scarves makes them a dream to wear. I tend to use mine in 3 ways - a full cover up as show, a headband and necktie. This stunning dark ruby red pairs perfectly with my Catch A Thief Foodle. 

A close up of the little mallard earrings! So cute right?

It's clear that every time Erswilder release a fox of some sort I instantly swoop in and snap it up. I can't help myself with these adorable little critters they just make me smile. 


This perfectly well behaved little fella sits all prim and proper on my dark green coat and really stands out. The mixed natural shades or brown, white and orange make this the sweetest little fox piece.

The Blue Jay Large Neck Scarf - $29.95

Just look at that little face and tail - what's not to love. I've also added my other  .. scarf in a soft and creamy yellow to show you don't always have to wear these as a hair accessory. I love pairing a bright printed scarf with a high neck top of dress to make a statement. 

I can't get enough of this little fella and expect him to sell our super fast today! I also can't get enough of how stunning the mushroom print is and how well it pairs with my foodle. Did you get the link in the name? Fox Mulder? Eeeehehehe I love it! 

Have you seen the full range yet? What' did you snap up?

If you buy 3 or more pieces from this collection you'll have an automatic special gift added to your cart. The amazing Campfire Comfort brooch is a special bonus treat for you! (until stock sells out)

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