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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Witchcraft Skincare

Recently I had the chance to try two items I've honestly been keen to use for a while. I'd seen so many reviews, lots of posts on Instagram and wondered is Witchcraft Skincare as good as it seems? 

Let me just say rather loudly - HELL YES IT IS!

Magic for your skin.

Developed in Brisbane, Australia, Witchcraft Skincare is the world's first alternative branded skincare line.

Our products not only leave your skin feeling instantly fresh and smooth from formulation that uses only natural, vegan ingredients, but every aspect from ingredient sourcing, formulation, packaging, label design and printing has been sourced locally, ethically, and from independently-owned businesses.  

I'm always open to new products and even more so when it's locally made, vegan and 100% ethically made. But because I want to tell you the truth I've actually been using this for a while now as I wanted to see if the first week was a fluke or if the products are making my skin shine? 

While I love to try lots of different pieces my day in day out beauty routine is rather simple. I cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night. So the Luminous Gel Cleanser was no.1 on my list to try. This cleaners lathers up perfectly and clears my skin of makeup, oils and build up. 

The scent is stunning with orange, burgomaster and lime so it's a joy to use and once you rinse you're skin feels so squeaky clean. There are no nasty chemicals or evil ingredients so even if you have sensitive skin this cleanser will rock for you. 

Now if you love the scent of the cleanser the moisturizer is going to blow your mind. Featuring Desert lime extract and Hyaluronic Acid  lock in that moisture and aloe and rosehip to soothe, tone down redness etc. My skin is loving the lack of makeup during Covid lockdowns so anything I can use that makes it brighter, better and clearer is amazing. 

The scent of this moisturizer is so deelish! Rose, Blood orange and Ylang Ylang fill the air when you apply this to your face and neck and the next morning I still feel soft and supple. 

I'm really blown away by both products and will be ordering more pieces down the track. I'm always on the hunt for more face masks, toners etc and now I know and trust Witchcraft Skincare so I can jump in and order everything. The price point is spot on as well as the product really does last! 

Be kind to your skin and spoil yourself with any of their amazing range. 

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