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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Fairy Bread and Kitty Kats

Today Erstwiler have released a few sweet pieces! Bringing an extra bit of sweetness and excitement into the world when we are all going stir crazy.  Bringing back the best of the best in Fan Favourite's and some amazing textiles to match.
Is there anything else in existence that screams Aussie kids birthday party more than Fairy Bread? No matter how old I am or how mature I think I can be I always have an obsession and love for these sprinkled covered pieces of perfection. 

Now this is the second release of this them but with very obvious difference. The first release had a cheeky little bite in each piece of bread but this time we get the whole piece!  

I don't know how they did it but the magicians at EW HQ created the most realistic and adorable piece of fair bread. So perfect you'd chip your tooth going for a bite! Each little sprinkle/hundred and thousand piece is perfectly distributed over this yummy brooch and earring combo and you can also snap up the matching necklace.
I went all out with this them and snapped up the matching head scarf in the same print. Mixing both the 2020 release style and the ever so popular bite release. This scarf is the perfect size for wearing as a headband (as shown) or as a neckerchief. I'm super excited to be able to create a bouffant with my hair and make this scarf shine!

How adorable are the matching earrings? 

Outfit wise I wanted to go full colour and paired these rainbow pieces with my new moto jacket from Dollskill. I'm usually not a fan of pink but the mixture with an orange based read really appealed to me. Seems to be the perfect match as well. I'm wearing a size 1XL and the fit is amazing. It crops just under my bust and the fabric is stretch and soft.

Now for the perfect picnic pinup!  I've been in love with the sweet and sassy pinup busts that Erstwilder creates for years now and the ….. update was a must on my lust list.  

That perfect summer mix of ruby red lips and sunglasses, a big straw hat and gingham are perfectly worn by this little lady and she's absolutely inspiring. I think I need to replicate and shoot this look asap!

I've paired this piece with the ….. scarf which is a deeper and darker print in comparison to the fairy bread.

Covered in emerald cats and yellow diamonds this piece is amazing now matter how you use it and the quality in these scarves is second to none. 


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