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Monday, April 13, 2020

Black Magic

My latest BraStop order arrived, and I had to sneak out and capture these two absolutely stunning sets. These two sets show just how amazingly bold strappy lingerie can look. 

Killstar Bloodlust Kaftan - $52.99

This is my first Pour Moi branded set and I can officially say I'm a huge fan of their fit, attention to detail and stunning fabrics. The Confession set focuses on a stunning mixture of black lace over a soft pink fabric. 

Mixing a stunning lace applicate with sheer black panels and a scalloped edge to really make the shape pop. All topped off with the classic black cage style harness.

I'm wearing this in a 38H as advised by the brilliant customer service girls at Brastop, and the fit is super comfortable. I do feel like the cage straps are maybe an inch too big though as sometimes I does not al ways sit flat, i.e. when I'm lifting my arms up, etc.

It's such an effortlessly stylish piece and comfortable enough for daily wear so this will be on high rotation in my wardrobe.

I've paired this with (not shown) the matching corset G-string in a size 18 and my Killstar kimono. The underwear is spot on for fit and I think from now on this size and cup will be my go to for this brand.

I just adore how perfectly this bra pairs with a the gothic darkness of my kimono! Can't I wear this out always, would it be too much?

Next is one of the most amazing, most detailed and intricately designed piece that Scantilly has ever released! 

I'd like to introduce you the Black Magic bra and high waisted knickers set. When this piece was released on social media many jaws around the globe hit the ground. The intricate strap design creates one of the most unique bras I've ever had the pleasure of wearing/owning.  

I was so excited when this arrived that I instantly went to all of the reference images in order to figure out exactly how to wear this correctly. It was a two man job but we got the perfect fit and cross over strap look within the first go.

I'm wearing this in my standard Curvy Kate/Scantilly size of a 36HH and the fits is firm but super comfortable. This style is all about the strap detailing so be sure to get the exact cup fit as the sheer fabric really shoes everything.

This piece looks phenomenal under dresses and tops or even under sheer fabrics and it's the ultimate statement piece. If you are considering this bra don't hold off as it's selling like hotcakes. I wear the knickers in an XL, and the fit is super stretchy!

The high waisted bottoms as you can see continue the cross over effect and come up to your waist to create that perfect whole look. Sadly in the freezing cold I could not get full shots of both of these looks but I can assure you that you'll love each matching bottom and need them in your world.

I've paired this stunning strappy wonder with my Nylon Swish teal gown and love how strongly it pops on my skin with the teal draped around it.

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