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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pink Dinos!

I feel like it's been way too long since I've shot a few Bonsai Kitten pieces so I'm making up for it with the most adorable print ever know to man kind - Pink Dinos!!!!

I've been trying to add more pink to my wardrobe over the last few years and luckily Bonsai Kitten have these two perfect pieces to pair together. 

Now the Belle Sleeve Top is a completely new style for me but I can already tell I'm going to be addicted to these round flowing sleeves.

Created with the softest viscose/cotton combo this top hugs your body in such a brilliant way and offers 100% comfort. The soft fabric fits your curves perfectly and that square neckline really makes my chest pop!

I'm wearing the Belle in a size 16 and it's perfect! My bra is very structured so it does pop through a little but that does not both me at all. The sleeves on this style are amazing and I'm already looking at other prints and neckline's with the same shape.

Let's chat about his adorable dinosaur covered skirt!!!

Do you love kitschy retro prints and dinos? Then this is the skirt for you! Featuring all your favourite prehistoric creatures in the sweetest shade of pink. This style is a gathered at the waist and it will amplify that hourglass shape.

Its cut to sit high on the true waist, with a back metal zip, it features two front pockets, big enough for keys and phone. Made from 100% cotton/Lycra so it really does mold to your shape.

I'm wearing the skirt in a 16 and the stretch of the fabric means it's a perfect fit. I'll be wearing this all year round and need more prints in this exact style!

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