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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ruby Red Pinup Dots

Whenever someone asks about the bra, I'm wearing you can be sure it's Ewa Michalak. The fit, attention to detail and over all construction of their amazing pieces means I'm always getting a stunning shape with a stunning visual.

So for our first lingerie shoot of the year I teamed up two most loved EM ruby red pieces with some stunning Orchard Corset under bust corsets and a few of my recently purchased robes.

For this set we snuck off into a lush local area once again and shot these amazing ruby red pieces. It's not safe to head into the forests and more rural areas of Australia right now due to our absolutely horrendous fires so being safe and close to home was a priority. You might be asking why two red bra and panty sets? Why do you need two? Well, it's obvious when you see the prints, lace detailing and tailoring put into each bra, high waisted knicker and G-string.

For the first look I wanted to go full pinup perfection with a whole lotta colour. A mixture of soft pastel pink to pair with the polka dot red and white print of the BM Pinup Doll set.

I usually stick to more dark or deep shades but there was something about this set that made me swoon.

This piece absolutely divine. Although this colour is red, it's a softer, lighter shade and when combined with the white accents it creates a super sweet almost strawberry shortcake vibe.

The matching G-string knickers complete the look with mirroring colours, lace and fabric combinations, a few ruffles and those adorable little bows. 

I'm wearing both bras in this post in a size 85HH (36HH) and I find that this unpadded style is perfect for me in this size. For bottoms I always opt for a size 18 and the comfort level of this g-string is insane!! Weightless and no digging, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. An unpadded bra with a higher bridge ideal for medium neckline. Gathers the breasts in a way they do not stick outside the contour of the body.

To style this set I looking for the perfect corset and found the Underbust Satin Standard Corset w/ Hip Ties (CS-426 Standard) on Orchard Corset. This soft pale pin satin underbust was the perfect colour to compliment the pattern and shade of red on this set. 

I wear this underbust in as size 30 but I find I can't get as much of a brilliant shape from the satin or pale shades. I guess being a bigger girl a light colour can add bulk but this was also the firs time lacing into this piece. I'll have to work with it over time and get my waist to the size I like.

The joy of corsets - they need to work with you and this takes time!

But that's not going to stop me adoring this look! To complete the full outfit, I added a scallop edged pink robe from SHEIN. This is the perfect piece to cover up any lingerie set or swimwear piece without adding any extra bulk. 


I can't get enough of this set and I can't wait to wear it on weekly rotation!

My second set is the ruby red lace bra of your dreams!! An absolutely spectacular shade of red floral lace. A style that is created to lifts the bust giving it a rounded shape with a subtly marked peak, which adds a little lightness to your silhouette

Both of these styles are the BM fit so they create the same shape and you are fully covered with the most amazingly comfortable and stretchy lace.

For years I've been wearing very molded and slightly padded bras ever since I've discovered the pure bliss of Ewa's designs I've been loving the more natural shape and fit of these BM styles.

Perfect for every day wear or even to show off a little lace with low cut tops or dresses. I tend to match the lace to my outfit just incase it has the urge top pop out.

To complete the ruby red look I've paired this set with my amazing black leather underbust from Orchard corset in a size 30 and I think of all of the fabrics this is still hands down my absolute favourite. The sheer comfort and curve creating ability is effortless with the leather which is super soft and buttery. This year I'm going to be featuring more styles, fabrics and colours from Orchard Corset and I'll be doing some comparison images for different styles. I tend to gravitate towards the longline pieces, but I'm keen to try so many more!

I've also added a sheer star printed kimono cover up with long black tassels and I love the witchy vibe this whole look gives off.

I can't get enough of these bras and the matching briefs and G-strings and can't wait to see what other styles are released this year.

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