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Monday, January 13, 2020

Insects and Bugs

Erstwilder Brooch release time!!!!!!! The first release of the year from my favourite accessory company just so happens to be one of my all time favourite themes  - Insects and Bugs!

A stunning collection encapsulating the beauty and detail of some of the most stunning little creepy crawlies and fab flyers.  

There is something very striking and beautiful about a Dragon Fly and Erstwilder have captures this with an extra regal touch for the As The Dragon Flies Brooch. 


The details on this piece are pure magic with the tiny gold highlighted internal webbing on the sings of the dragonfly, bold green body and the shimmering white of the base wings.


To create motion and an extra level of pop EW have also included two stunning gold chains joining each wing together.

As per usually it's those little details that make the piece really pop. This will surely be the must have brooch from the collection.

 Our Lady's Bug - $39.99

When I was given the sneak preview of this collection my eyes directly focused on this adorable lady bug. A classic shape, bold use of red and black and the perfect little bug to wear all year round.  

Our Lady Bug is a super cute little lady and the simple elegance of the design makes this even more striking.

I think this piece will look amazing when paired with my enamel pins on a leather jacket. The bright pop of red will really stand out

Ever since I was a wee little Teer I've always been intrigued and in love with Cicada's. They are lullaby of the country town I grew up in and I adore their song. 

I was mesmerized by the fact that they shed their skins when I was younger and collected them and other little buys all over our yard.  

Erstwilder have perfectly captured the beauty within these singing songstresses and I love how they've created the wings in the same style and softness as the Dragonfly. The mixture of different patterned enamels and colours create a perfect pair of earrings. 


These also stand out within my dark locks and that's always important for me! Having dark red hair means I have to wear more light shades of drop earrings and these are going to be my go to pair this summer.

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