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Monday, October 28, 2019

Brazen Lips

Time to get a little spooky with Aree Cosmetics newest release - Brazen Lips Glazes! A brilliantly juicy collection of coloured glazes with long lasting colour and shine. 

 Brat - $20.00
If you follow me on social media you'll know that while red lippy might be my obsession I'm forever on the look out for a nude shade for day/work wear. Brat has answered all of my prayers as it's the dusty nude pink lip colour of my dreams.
Such a stunning and soft shade, super creamy, glosses up to the max and suits all of my makeup looks.
 Since this style arrived I've been wearing it daily and I can honestly say I'm 100% crazy about it not only for the colour but how hydrated and lush my lips feel during and after wearing these lippies.

Wednesday - $20.00
Aree Cosmetics forever making me able to rock pink lips! I've never been able to wear pin until I discovered Aree's shades and now I have so many in my collection. 

Wednesday is bright and bold. She shines perfectly and as you can in natural light this shade is soft yet packs a bright pink punch.

I'm inspired by this shade and can't wait to create more soft and spring/summer makeup looks around this pop of pink!

Boss - $20.00
Rocking a bright red pout - Like A Boss! Is there anything better in this world that a candy apple, super shiny red lip? The perfect shade of red to compliment each and every one of my retro/pinup looks and works perfectly for any event or evening looks. 

This shade has a little more orange than my usual blue based reds but I'm loving how it pairs with my skin tone. I tend to worry that I can't wear all reds but with Aree Cosmetics I seem to always have 100% success! 

Ego - $20.00
If the first shade Brat had an older gothic sister Ego would be that sister! A bold maroon red shade to spice up your lippy collection. 

This past winter I've started to gravitate more towards deeper maroons and browns so this a very welcome addition to my collection. Perfect for all year round wear and looks amazing with warm tones.  
Majesty - $20.00
Oh my gosh Majesty is packing a bright bold purple punch! A super fun, amazingly strong and shiny shade of purple perfect for the spooky season and bold makeup looks all year round.
I never thought I'd be so smitten with a purple shade but this colour is so strong and applies evenly so you don't need to worry about patchy lips or uneven colours. 
Spectacle - $20.00 
Last but definitely not least is Spectacle as deep midnight blue shade makes me think of gothic mermaids and creepy creatures from the deep blue sea.
So dark, so strong and absolutely epic! This shade looks black when it arrives but don't be fooled because as soon as you take out the applicator you'll see this stunning midnight blue colour. 

Each piece from this collection is glossy, slick and intensely coloured. You can pick up each piece on their own or as a bundle here.
I was so inspired with the colours and looks I even shot some amazing Bombshell Accessories and love how well the dark blue lip works with each piece.

Be it a sparkled skull or something a little darker and spookier this shade works perfectly. I can't wait to use more of these lipsticks with new Bombshell Jewelry stock in the next few weeks! 

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