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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Neon Demons

Have you discovered the creepy brilliance that is BlackMilk's Halloween themed range - Neon Demons?  Jam packed full of dark, gothic and goretastic prints in dresses, leggings and outerwear.

I can honestly say I fell in love with most of this collection as the ornate black and white prints called to me but my 3 favourite pieces are completely new styles for me and I'm super excited to style them with the rest of my wardrobe. 

Is this really Teer wearing a super high neckline on a bold and pale print? Hell yeah it is!!! I'm usually wearing darker shades and patterns but there was something that drew me to the Gummy Brains mini skater.

As a mad fan of skater dresses I knew from the get go that the style would be super flattering on my figure but I was on the fence about how well this amazing print would look on my ample assets. Once I wiggled my way into though that fear vanished and I was instantly in love. 

The Gummy skater is soft, stretchy and so very comfortable. The long sleeves and high neckline really make my bust pop and absolutely adore wearing this dress. I'm in the XL as per usual, and the fit is spot on. The print is so funky and fun and I can't get enough of this shade of blue.

Wearing this I'm feeling some Mars Attack alien girl vibes crossed with the bot from Resuscitator's Polyester Girl film clip and I'm loving it! 

The fit on this style is so flattering that I'll be snapping up more in the future be it in mini or midi lengths. So bring on all the prints and solids please Blackmilk!

In the images above you might see a little strappy magic going on under the bright blue brains! With the success of the Blackmilk stockings, I've finally ordered my first pair of leggings! The Eternal Bond Leggings are pure magic and really make your legs pop. 

Create with faux leather, lots of silver studs and sport material these suspender style leggings are the perfect leg-wear to pair with all of my Blackmilk mini dresses. 

I was worried my chunky thighs might not fit into these but I actually find the XL to be a little too big on the short/top area. It's not a huge issue, though, and the fit is super comfortable. So if you are a plus size girl and you are lusting after any black milk tights or leggings don't be afraid to give them a try. You'll be impressed with the stretch and comfort in each pair. 

Now for something a little more traditionally my style but with a super sheer twist. I've been on the look out for a stunning cover up piece for summer swimsuits and the Widow Lace Kimono has answered my prayers.

A strong and intricate black lace robe with all those traditional kimono features and flowing sleeves.I'm wearing a size L and it's perfect as I can wear it wrapped of open as shown in these images. I'll be pairing this with a few swimsuits so be sure to look out for it in upcoming swimwear reviews.

This piece is not limited to lingerie or swimwear pairings and I'm really looking forward to pairing it with skater dresses, jeans and band tees, and more!

Lastly, I wanted to pair two of my favourite pieces from my collection as I was inspired purely by the product shot as I was browsing through more spooky themed prints and outfits. 

The Gone Batty top is effortlessly chic with a 40's sleeve and pussy bow neckline but for this shoot I've actually tied the bow at  the back and created a peephole type bust-line. 

The batty print looks AMAZING when paired with the super shiny PVC and the fit of this piece really makes your curves pop. I'm wearing both in an XL and the fit is spot on. But be sure to double check the size chart as the PVC has less stretch than other pieces. 

 Now to start saving for the next few Blackmilk releases as I'm dying to add more prints, more colours and test out different styles and shapes.

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