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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pinup Picnic

Inspired by the stunning selection of the new gingham prints at Unique Vintage I created my own private little pinup picnic spread. There is nothing I love more that spending my days in the park with my love, wasting afternoons while sipping on yummy drinks eating whatever we packed in the basket that day. So with this theme in mind I found 2 of the most adorable dresses to perfectly fit the concept and some absolutely magical shoes from Irregular Choice.

Trinkletina - $194.00

A plaid printed full skirted stunning frock with a bold plaid print? - oh hell yes!!! The Doheny Dress is a new style for me from UV but this year I'm making sure I don't limit myself to just wearing the same cut over and over again.

This stunning piece has a twirtastic skirt, fitted bodice and waist (elasticated at the small of your waist) and a super sweet bow in the same fabric. A lightweight summer fabric with a fully lined skirt and the most divine flowing feel.

I'm wearing the 2XL and I think this is far too big for me. As I'm always worried about the fit on non super stretchy fabrics over my bust I opted to go up a size apposed to my usual 1XL in UV items and the result is that this piece is very roomy ant the waist and a little at the neckline. So be sure to size down for the perfect fit. The bust and waist of this dress are so stretchy and roomy I'm sure the next size down would be perfect. If you are not super busty but have a 1XL size waist then I'd suggest going down further to the XL.

The stunning raspberry pink shade of plaid is a welcome addition to my wardrobe and I adore how well it pairs with every YeMAK cardigan I own. For this shoot I've opted for the orange/blue cardigan but the styling choices are endless as it's such a stunning colour.

Now lets chat shoes!!! I was lucky enough to be able to borrow two of the most divine pairs of Irregular Choice heels from the Melbourne based store.

For this outfit I knew that I had to pair the look with the adorable Trinkletina heels as they look amazing together. These mid height heels are bold yet sweet, amazingly comfortable and feature the most amazing little details. A mixture of fabrics, an etched heel and the sweet as sugar trinket make these more of a piece of wearable art then just a pair of heels.

What I love most about Irregular Choice hells is the attention to detail on each and every piece. They are comfortable and easy to wear bold and adorable forms of art and definitely collectors items.

If there ever was a fabric and style of dress to 100% in capture the concept of a pinup picnic the BumbleBee Darcy is THE DRESS. A magical bee and beehive print on blue and white gingham base. A stunning fitted bodice and voluminous swing style skirt make this piece both flattering and jaw droopingly beautiful.

An amazingly flattering style with a fitted bust and flowing skirt this piece is light, bright and absolutely stunning and it has pockets!

Size wise I referred to the size chart as I noticed the fabric has very littler stretch being 100% Polyester and I opted for the 2XL. Unlike the previous dress this is actually really firm on my bust but not as much on my waist. The adjustable straps help with fit but I have to say it's a lot tighter than I assumed it would be and given that I usually wear 1XL's in UV's styles it's a little confusing.

But going braless and wearing the right corset/shapewear helped me get this fit. I find that I can get away with going braless in lots of UV styles and that's rather impressive given the size of my chest.

Fantastic Fawn - $319.00

For this look I've paired what can only be described as the most magical shoe on planet earth with this soft blue and pastel look. These were used in the picnic rug shots while a basic black heel was used in the full length images.

The Fantastic Fawn heels are insanely stunning, packed with detail and absolute beautiful. The moment I took these heels out of the box I could not stop making gleeful noises. They are so magical and I've never worn a pair of shoes like this in my life. Now I own two pairs of IC shoes already and each are jam packed with detail but the little fawn heel and other features on these make them a completely unique, amazing and one of the most fabulous shoes I've ever worn. If only I had the spare cash to snap these up.

I adore how perfectly they pair with the dress, the location and all of my picnic pieces and with my picnic themed flat lay creation. From the moment I thought of this concept this was the exact visual I had in mind and I'm so thank full Liz Fleming and I could create this visually!!

While these amazing shoes were on loan to me I did snap up another pair when I returned them over the weekend as they are currently having an amazing sale! So be sure to check out the website or if you are a Melbourne local, swing by the store and pickup and amazing bargain.

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