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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Night Flyer

The big chill has finally hit, and it's the perfect time to show off some of the new styles available from Hell Bunny. This past season we have been spoilt with lush fabrics, rich colours and more dark and spooky prints. So here are my top 5 current pieces! For all styles I'm wearing the 2XL and I'll be going into detail on fit.

This season I'm all about knits and Hell Bunny have released two of the cutest jumpers I've ever owned both with a Halloween theme.

Nightflyer Jumper  - £35.99
The Nightflyer Jumper is one of those perfectly place designs that not only works with all chest shapes but flatters a curvy figure. If you are an hour glass shape you'll know it's near impossible to flatter curves with knitwear but this piece and the next style show really do.

With a bat and silver moon motif and ribbed white stripes on the sleeve, this style feels like a haunted prep school jumper and I'm loving it!

This year the knits are even more smooth and soft plus they don't itch or irritate the skin like wool can. I find this fabric really stretchy and although super comfy I think I could go down to the XL for a firmer fit so if you are between sizes be sure to go down

The next piece of knitwear is this adorable spider jumper. Complete with a web and spider motif that gives a new spin on the classic argyle print.

The adorable bow and peekaboo hole make this piece look super sweet and the 3/4 sleeves are just the right length while giving your upper arms lots of room.

I can't wait to style each of these jumpers throughout winter with both swing and wiggle skirts and high waisted pants and shorts!  The fit for the Itsy Bitsy is the same so size wise please refer to my comments above. 

Now this dress has been flying off the shelves around the globe and after wearing it and seeing the print in reality I complete understand why. A darker more moody take on a traditional nautical print filled with ships and octopuses this 50's style has a full skirt and capped sleeves.

The sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice offer that perfect amount of lift and structure and I cant get enough of this fit! The fabric only has 2% elastin, so it's a more solid and less stretchy style but it's also lightweight and can be worn all year round due to the darker print.

I've paired this with a black MAK cardigan and the fitted bodice means I can get away without out wearing a waist belt to define shape. Styling this piece is super simple as you can just pick one of the colours featured on the print and wear a matching cardigan, earrings etc.
A feature I also love in this style is the high back. Many dresses don't offer that extra fabric to hold everything in and keep you warmer as the weather cools down but the Poseidon Dress zips all the way up to the base of your neck.
As  you can see it's the kind of dress that makes you want to twirl and that print really pops!

Hauntley 50's Dress£49.99

After falling in love with the fit and design of the Violette Dress I knew that the Hauntley 50's style would be absolutely perfect. This is exactly the same style and fit but with a more spooky twist. A black and white coloured dress with a harlequin and roses print and a few contrasting bats mixed in.

The bust and bodice of this piece is what made me swoon when I first wore the floral version of this on my last Hell Bunny shoot. It's firm yet has a little give and allows for an inch or two more than what's listed on the size chart. The skirt though full seems to be less fabric that most of my 50s style HB dresses.

When I shoot a swing style, I'm always moving the skirt around to show how it twirls but this one seems to be a little less fabric that my others.

I was not 100% sold with the print right at first but after seeing all of the detail and the contrast between black and white bats on each of the diamonds made me instantly love it!

Prudence Dress - £63.99

The Prudence Dress is bringing all of my Victorian vampie dreams to life! Featuring bell sleeves, placket with buttons on the front bodice and a contrasting collar in black this style is gothic and dreamy. The sleeves are my stand out favourite feature on this piece and when I'm wearing it I can't help but evoke my inner Stevie Nicks.

Almost like a full bell sleeved skater dress, it was a waist band just under the bustline. The right mahogany faux velvet fabric has almost a blue tinge to it and is an absolute dream to feel and wear. Please note that it is SUPER stretchy, though, and I feel like the 2XL I'm wearing is not fitting me as well as I'd like it too. With a firmer fit around the waist and bust of an XL, it would be 100% perfect for me.

But if you are looking for a more relaxed dark and gothic style winter dress then this is the style for you. Pair this with tights and boots, stockings and heels. Be sure to layer with wooly warm full length coats and amazing accessories.

I can't wait to pop this on with tights and my lace up witchy shoes over winter. Now I just need the perfect gloves to match.
Solaris Dress - £58.99

Lastly but definitely not least magical Solaris dress. From the moment I tried this style on I feel hard for the fit and flattering shape. This chiffon style features a sun and moon print on a black background, draped sleeves and a V neckline. When you pair all of these elements together you get a figure hugging, fabric flowing, amazing dress.

The way this chiffon flows over my hips and merely dusts over my shoulders is perfection. Plus the stunning print in dark shades creates a very witchy vibe.

I always have an extra soft spot for specific styles in the Hell Bunny range and each and every season I plan to collect every single print or colour way created. This piece has been added to this list as I'd love to wear this in solid black, blood red or a dark forest green. So please, fashion gods can you sort this for me? 

As you might have noticed I've also paired some amazing printed tights with a few of these items. While I live in basic black pieces most winter I was gifted these amazing Kixie's from Bella Curves Lingerie for this shoot and I love how the Diamond and Fishnet pattern pairs with each look.

I'm wearing these in a size C, and they fit like a dream. I've owned many pairs of these in the past, but it seems the sizing has changed as I use to wear a D the largest size. These are those magical stockings that will never roll down, and they were amazing to wear all shoot long as I did not have to adjust or worry about pulling them up mid photo.

Bella Curves Lingerie stocks Kixies, lots of plus size friendly stockings, body stockings, lingerie and more! I can't wait to get my hands on more of their pieces and work them into both fashion and lingerie shoots. 

Many Thanks for Liz Fleming for absolutely rocking these images! Forever my dream team!

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