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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mean Girls Club

If you are a fan and an avid collector of Vixen by Micheline Pitt styles you'll know all about the amazing collaboration between Vixe and Ryan Heshka. The Mean Girls collection takes the amazingly tuff and sassy women of Ryan's world and brings them into reality. The most anticipated and loved release of 2019!

Inspired by the cult classic comic books created by Ryan Heshka, who truly turns the image of the stereotypical 50’s female upside down and inside out to give a new, sassy and defiant voice to these ladies of leisure. This collection features pieces that have Ryan Heshka’s original art on classic Vixen bodies that are under our collab label “Mean Girls Club x Vixen” and we also featured standard “Vixen by Micheline Pitt” staples to be paired with these pieces.

This collection spoke to me so strongly that I needed to order as many pieces as possible. Sticking with tried and tested styles and testing some new season pieces which perfectly pair with the collab! This review is full of my favourite things - faux leather, spiderwebs, letterman jackets and polka dots. So sit back and be prepared for an influx of images!
When a Vixen branded Letterman Jacket was first mentioned I was first to put up my hands and say OH HELL YES! So on the day that preorders popped up I instantly jumped on line to secure my own limited edition jacket.

Unusually a letterman can be a bit bulky or shapeless, but Micheline has created a figure hugging cropped style that flatters your natural waist. A stunning black and white traditional style with Vixen on the front and a big white skull and cross bones on the back. Featuring all of the comforts, you've come to know and love from this style of jacket - the fleace inside the is amazingly soft and warm!

I'm wearing the L/XL and the fit is spot on. I originally went to order the 2XL size but after hearing how everyone was sizing down for a more tight and figure flattering fit I opted for one size smaller and I'm loving the results. It hits me right at my waistline and can be worn buttoned up or open. This piece sold like hotcakes on first release so be sure to snap yours up while stocks last.

I received this piece before any of the other items arrived but I already had the vision of pairing the jacket with the absolutely amazing Maneater Dress. A style that's pure magic for your figure the Maneater is a stunning, stretchy and perfect swing style dress. Covered in a polka dot print and made from stretchy bengaline fabric this dress really hugs you in all of the right places creating a perfect hour glass shape.

The bodice and bust are fully lined which gives the dress a molded almost built in bra style section. I've worn this with or without a bra, and the lift is gravity defying.

Size wise I stuck to my usual 2XL as I heard that the fit on this fabric was not as stretchy as the red or pink polka dot versions. I'm glad I did as it fits like a dream. I love the epically huge pockets, think adjustable straps and those bust cups. It pairs perfectly with my letterman and the matching polka dot belt adds that extra little bit of waist shaping. I snapped up this piece off local stockiest Natasha Marie Clothing, my go to Aussie seller for Vixen!

I'm absolutely smitten with the fit of this dress and will need to order both the red and pink versions. I'll be sizing down for both of those colours as I know they are super stretchy.

When I shop at Vixen I tend to fall in love with the fit or cut of an item. The 3/4 sleeve t'shirts are one of my stand out favourites so when the Pinky Spider version was released it was always going t0 be on my lust list.
Featuring the amazing Pinky Spider in her web this amazingly soft and stretchy top fits perfectly but having 3 in my collection already I knew it would be a hit. I'm wearing the XL and it allows room for me move freely, has lots of bust room while keeping the print in tact. The placement of the print is also spot on as it' hits right at the bust and really pops.


I've paired the with the brilliant Bad Girl Vegan Circle Skirt. I've never had any luck when it comes to real or faux leather skirts as my hips tend to make them look odd or they are just poorly tailored.
But my prayers have finally been answered and I now own the perfect vegan leather circle skirt! Super soft, butter faux leather with bold pink lining in the traditional circle skirt style. I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is perfect for my waist as it has a little give and a bold silver metal zip that creates a really perfect waist shape. This is just the first set of images of this amazing piece as I've used it with two more tops throughout this post. I'll be sure to go into more detail about different sections as this preview progresses.

Who knew a simple spider web border could have so much impact. The Mantrap Spiderweb tops are super cute tees that can be worn on or off the shoulder. A classically flattering cut with a bold spider web print on the neckline. So cute, so sleek and so good for boobies! 

I'm wearing the XL, and I adore the fit. It's not too tight and the optional on or off the shoulder options for styling makes this two styles for the price of one. I went for classic black and white but you can also pick this up in grey with pink or white with black. I'm thinking of ordering 2 more in white so I can dye them orange or green. 

I can't wait for the weather to warm up again so I can pair this style with my LFEN spider brooch but for now I'll be sure to wear my Vixen Moto with it. Obviously it pairs perfectly with my faux leather skirt, so any form of moto will make it shine.
Lastly, what might just be my all time favourite outfit. I've always been a sucker for faux leather garments but when I saw the shots of these two pieces paired together I feel hard. The Babydoll Crop and Circle skirt combine to create one of the most flattering, sexy and boobtasic 'dresses' I've ever seen. But due to it being two unique items it's even better as you can style them with other printed pieces from Vixen. 

This combination is SEX ON A STICK! So flattering, so soft and amazingly tailored. Each design aspect of these pieces create amazing shape and really make your assets pop. I'm wearing the baby Doll Vegan crop top in a 2XL (same size as the skirt) and the fit is spot on. I can wear this style without a bra, and I'm comfortable and covered. The babydoll style top and dresses have been super popular due to the epic boobage and that amazing flowing sleeve. 

The perfect style sleeve if you don't like showing off too much upper arm this skims over the top of your upper arms and flows so beautifully. This is actually my first babydoll pieces, and I'm that smitten with the sleeves I'm going back and ordering the pink and black spider web dress and any future designs that come out with this design.


I can't get over the fit and tailoring of both of these pieces. They mold to my shape and really make my curves pop. The faux leather has texture and drapes perfectly while still looking bad ass! The movement in the skirt is also rather magical, and you'll be twirling like crazy the first time you wear it!

I've paired each look with the CELESTE-09 Black Glitter/Black Glitter from Shoe Me and I love how comfy and yet high these open toe chunky heels are. I'm usually more comfortable shooting with a cute closed toe mary jane or something styled like that but I wanted to match my toes and finger nails with hot pink polish.

Size wise these are perfect in a 10US and amazingly comfortable. You can wear these all day or night and walk/dance with absolute ease. I need to snap up the gold and silver glitter asap as I'll be wearing these all summer long. Hopefully the new seasons bring more bright glitter shades as well as these in pink or red would be perfection.

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