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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Sporty Stripes

Over the last year I've been testing and reviewing my favourite styles from BlackMilk Clothing and I've found so many amazing fitting garments. But since the beginning I've had my heart set on their hosiery but I've never been sure if I could fit into any of them.

When I see OSFA (one size fits all) as the only size choice for a garment, I usually run scared but after asking Customer Service about the fit and searching these stunning stockings on Instagram I was informed that yes they will actually fit all sizes.

And guess what they fit!!! I wear an XL in all of my BM garments, so you can understand my hesitation at first about purchasing these. But as soon as they arrived I wiggled my way smoothly into these amazingly thick, comfortable and super stretchy stockings.

With my stats and figure, I can barely get XT standard stockings over my hips let alone over my belly button or higher but these fit my waist with ease and never roll down or sag at the crotch which I find many do these days if they don't fit correctly.

Now these babies have been tried and tested. Their first task was Download Festival and they absolutely rocked at an all day/evening music festival when paired with a romper. The bold stripes and large netting looked amazing when paired with my flowing shorts. Unlike this look I paired them with cowboy boots, and I felt so comfy all day long.

I also noticed a few other stylish girls wearing them with cute little skater dresses or shorts so they were a festival favourite it seems.

For these shots I've paired them with my old favourite super high heels but these work with absolute everything and you can wear the stripe/netting section as high or as low as you feel comfortable with.

I'm 100% in love with these stockings, and I'll be wearing them non-stop over the cooler months. I'm that smitten with them that I'll be ordering another 3 or 4 pairs and popping them on Afterpay so I can wear them constantly. They are that comfy and cute plus they don't pull or rip like normal stockings - bonus!!!

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