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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bring back that wedding dress bliss!

When I got married I opted to work with an online designer in order to get my perfect swing style lace wedding dress. Constructed from stretchy stunning scalloped edge black lace, with emerald green hidden beneath and a plunging neckline. The fit of this style was so perfect that I honestly wanted to wear it out constantly but one can't simply wear their wedding dress out for cocktails every few weekends right? The orginal wedding images were taken by Brooke Orchard.

The Wedding Dress - $280.00 or TBA

Well cheekily enough I actually wore my dress on our anniversary cocktail/pub crawl night out with friends and it just cemented how much I adore this dress. Which got me thinking. Why can't we wear a style we love so much, that flatters our figures and makes us feel absolute divine? I felt absolutely amazing on my wedding day and I wanted to bring back that feeling every now and then when it's date night or a big celebration.

My answer to this was to order another version with the same measurements, stunning features but with a slight twist - a different colour. Then I have my most loved dress in a different shade and I'm able to wear it as much as possible.
So I got back in contact with the amazing designers Baylis and Knight on Etsy and we created a grey and black version of THE DRESS!
Why grey? My initial choice was black on black but honestly you can get a style like that anywhere. So I chose a light grey shade and I love how the lace pops on this colour. This dress was made to all my exact measurements from my wedding and the fit has always been that perfect so I just reordered the exact same measurements. It's such an amazing feeling to find an amazingly well fitted and constructed dress that can be replicated in multiple colours. lengths etc. I'd love to get a purple and black version at some point as well.

My original dress can be purchased directly from their webstore and yes that's my exact dress! Originally I fell head over heels in love with two pieces from their collection and with a basic cut and past created the dress of my dreams. The end result was a frock perfect for the fun of a wedding day with heaps of stretchy, swing and comfort - all while looking amazing. Originally I wore the green wedding version of this dress slightly off the shoulder.
I've paired this colourway with my Pleaser Pink Label heels in faux leather but not other accessories or even a waist belt. The lace is so stunning that it does not need anything else. Unlike my wedding day I opted to go without a petticoat in order to show just how beautifully this dress falls naturally.

Each piece via the Baylis and Knight store can be made to measure and if grey is not the shade you are looking for you can opt to go for a blue, nude or red shade underneath the black lace. There are other lace colour options as well so you can really create your perfect dress. The designers at Baylis and Knight are friendly, super helpful and really know how to create exactly what you want with the perfect fit. I can't wait to start wearing my 'not so wedding' dress out constantly.

So if you have an event, a wedding or you're in need of a new cocktail dress they can help you create absolute magic with the perfect fit. If your anything like me you'll end up creating your perfect dress and getting as many version as humanly possible. Now what to plan next?
Many thanks to my love Liz for making this dress and myself shine! I can't wait till we shoot next!

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