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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Today I'm focusing on a little bit of retro rock styling with a Bowie inspired look from Pleaser. I've had my eye on these stunning heels for a while now but I could not choose just one colour but something called to me when I saw the sleek and yummy black patent leather paired with silver sparkles.  

Star Man Dress - $290.00
The Queen-02 is a sleek, comfortable stunning heel with a real Ziggy vibe. From the sparkled silver heel to the bold and bright lightening bolt these will pair perfectly with every outfit in your wardrobe or if you are a Bowie fan like myself you'll be wearing these with your DB printed items.
A super sophisticated glam rock inspired shoe with a 4" (10cm) Heel, 1 1/2" (4cm) Platform on a Round Toe Mary Jane style. The right size heel for all day wear while giving you that extra height. These are amazing to wear and really cushion your feet as you walk. The bold silver accents really makes your pins pop as well.  

Looking for more than just basic black? Well your can find the following via ShoeMe's webstore!

I can't get enough of these stunning pumps and will be snapping up the red or pink asap!!!



  1. These shoes are so cute! I love them and yes, they do have that super retro vibe. I love the added sparkle as well.

  2. This is magnificent and fab, friend.

  3. That's amazing, each shoes is so fabulous.