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Monday, October 15, 2018


For the past year I've been contemplating purchasing period proof underwear but I've honestly been worried. How can I go without those trusted pads and tampons? How can I wear a pair of knickers safely without any worries on a super heavy day.

It's all a massive case of paranoia but when I was asked to review and try Modibodi II threw all of my cares and concerns out of the window and gave into this amazing concept. I can honestly say after trying only three of their products I'll never be returning to traditional sanitary products again and I wish had of been created when I was first hit with all the fun that is your first period.
I was lucky enough to try three of the styles that I've been wanting the most all with their own unique levels of support for all days and one even packed a great way to combat that horrid bloat! These pieces are absolute game changers, and they cover you for more than just periods as they have active styles and much, much more.

Light-Moderate absorbency
For each style I opted for a size 18. I tend to be 16/18 in briefs and I chose the larger end of the size range in order to deal with bloating and all that fun stuff that comes along with it. Each pair was soft, comfortable and really great to wear. The sensual high waist bikini is a tight fit due to the lace top section so I will be ordering a size up for these asap. But my other two pairs fit me like a glove - a super well protected glove!

With my own body knowledge in mind, I chose one pair of Heavy/Overnight and two of a more light to moderate absorbency styles. With careful washing daily and a natural dry these can last the full amount of time needed and I did not have one bust out leak or any fear of patches or marks on my clothing.

The biggest hurdle for mental. I was paranoid prior to wearing these and really had to remember with all of the proven results, and information supplied that there was going to be absolutely no issues. But an hour in and I was sold!

Sensual Boyleg - $28.50
Light-Moderate absorbency
Heavy/Overnight absorbency
I started with the super high tummy sucking in shapewear panties in the light to moderate and then wore the Sensual High Bikini for the evenings. The lace did stretch and little over night but I'll definitely be sizing up. Both pairs preformed wonderfully over the 24-hour period and as did the sensual boy leg briefs. T

hose are as comfortable as my standard non period related underwear and such a joy to wear. No nasty issues, no uncomfortable bulky sanitary items and no granny panties because you don't want to stain your favourites. These sleek and comfortable styles mean you can look cute and feel 100% confident - with the ability to do things you'd usually excuse yourself out of at this time of the month.

With the extra addition of swimwear, you can also keep cool in the pool all summer long or swim laps without needing to worry about period issues. Once you wear these pieces you'll honestly forget you've ever had to rely on standard tampons and pads over the years. The just don't cut it when compared to Modi Bodi's! What I love most about this company is the size range (both standard and plus) the bulk sets available which is a great investment and will have you covered all year round.

They also offer starter packs and pieces for Teens, so it's possible to live tampon and pad free from the start! These products will honestly change your life, and I can't wait to add each and every pair to my collection. Finally products we can rely on, still work out wearing and really trust wholeheartedly!
Light-Moderate absorbency
Once you try Modibodi your life will change for the better! This blog was was sponsored by the Modibodi and Shopping Links.

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