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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fan Faves!

Last week we were graced with some brilliant selections from fan favourites, recoloured and reimagined for all you avid Erstwilder collectors!

While I feel in love with many of the recoloured versions of some classics I already own I did not want to double up so I choose some new brooches I'd yet to add to my collection.

Forever a sucker for fox themed goodies! This curvy tail and tooshied little creature might just be my new go to fox brooch as the curves and attention to fine details on this piece are absolutely dreamy. While the changes on some pieces are bold and very new I actually love that my choices are more subtle but still give new life to these amazing pieces.

The mixture of orange and brown in this piece gives it a stunning Autumn/Halloween woodland creature vibe and I'm smitten with him.

Mr. Fantastic is absolutely amazing!

Now this piece sold out like hot cakes but I was lucky enough to snap one up but be sure to check out all stockists when you are hunting for popular pieces. These iconic toadstools are giving me mini Alice in wonderland themed outfit ideas.

It's the detail in these pieces that completely win me over. The mixture of resins and the super sweet flower detailing makes this piece really shine.

Ok Pepita has made me way too happy as this is my first Panda brooch! I don't know how I've lasted this long without owning such a cutie. Peptia is a simple yet iconic panda face with the sweetest, most chilled out expression.

I can't wait to pair this piece with strong and bold coloured blouses and cardigans as this piece will really pop. I feel like I need to find myself a bamboo printed dress to pair this with as well so Pepita will be perfectly placed.

I've paired each of these pieces with my stunning Heart of Haute Apple printed Edie Blouse and I love how each brooch works perfectly with the print.

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  1. Oh my god, Teer! These pins are super cute! I especially love the fox and pandas pins. By the way, that apple print dress is gorgeous and I want it in my life.