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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Great Scott!

This week I'm super excited to bring you one absoltueyl amazing retro swing skirt with the most funky, adorable and lets face it proudly nerdy print on earth. My girl at Sarsparilly has released the most amazing Back To The Future printed skirt and it's rocking my bobby socks off.

Outta Time Skirt - $189.00

A 50's reproduction gathered skirt covered in different kawaii type characters from the film! This is my first skirt from their collection and has now officially started a long term love affair.

I'm wearing a 2XL and the fit is perfect for my waist. The firm mid weight cotton has no stretch so be sure to order your correct waist size for that perfect fit. I'm wearing this style without a petticoat and I've noticed that I never seem to near any extra volume under and of my Sarsparilly dresses. The construction of the full skirt makes it's own shape and rocks with our without a petticoat. Each skirt comes with an invisible zipper and have hidden pockets as they knew how important those little features are.

Now lets talk about that print! I can't get over the absolute curtness of this fabric and the attention to detail in each and every character. I love this fabric so much I instantly make people look at the detail when I'm wearing it and show the little Doc's, Marty's etc. It's a cute spin on the visuals from the film where most companies focus on the car itself this fabric shows off the modern and retro costuming of the characters.

Styling this look I was unsure if I wanted to pay up to a femme cosplay version of Marty or just take inspiration from his styling. Since I look horrible in a red puffer vest I opted to pair the skirt with a stunning deep burgundy moto jacket in faux leather. This colour is rich and so yummy and the softness of the faux leather makes this a dream to wear.

I'm wearing a 3XL and it fits my bust and waist with ease and I don't have any issues with my upper arms which I find can be oddly tight in some lined jackets. This style is also available in black and as shown the burgundy and will be back in stock shortly.

Created by James and Co. which is a vegan apparel company, a maker of womens vegan outerwear in cruelty free fabrics. Creating jackets and coats that are beautifully tailored contemporary stylings of wardrobe classics.  I've also found the perfect deep red lipstick to pair with this lush faux leather moto.

For my footwear I really wanted a pair of heels that popped in the photo shoot as well as pairing perfectly with the navy and muted tones within the skirt. My new SABRINA-07 Red Glitter  heels from were actually a last minute styling choice but I in LOVE with how well they work with the whole look.

The sparkle pairs perfectly with the print and even works with the moto! I've been wearing these a lot as they are super comfy and I think it's about time I snap up a black version so I don't wear the red to death. I reviewed these only a few weeks ago so click here for the full size info and more images.

I'm so smitten with the skirt and I can't wait to add even more to my collection over time. I only just noticed the Halloween items are up for preorder via the webstore and it's honestly hard to choose only one as they are all kitty themed! Here's a preview of what's to come.

You can order each via this link in either a skirt or dress form I'm torn between a skirt in either the Vampire Bat kitty or the costume creepy cuties! It's so hard to not get every single version!
Many Thanks to the amazing Brooke Orchard for taking these images and helping this full outfit shine.

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