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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Avast Ye!

My official countdown to Halloween is on! Yes, I know it's early, but I absolutely adore this time of year and wish to celebrate the spooky season 365 days year. So over the September and October, you'll be seeing lots of spooky themed posts and costume shoots. Helping you get the perfect look for all of your Halloween events, parties and if you are anything like me goodies for your collection all year round.

My go to store for costumes in Australia is Costume Box! They have a huge range of stunning costumes and all of the best accessories on the market. From wigs to shoes, stunning costumes and accessories you can find all those little pieces to perfect your look.

For this shoot I went for a full Pirate  theme complete with parrot! I'm wearing the amazing Plus Pirate Wench costume in a size 1XL. This super stretchy fabric is very forgiving and will fit a 16/18 with ease. The full outfit is a off the shoulder ruffled blouse dress with a black bodice and red and black striped skirt. The gathered sleeves offer that billowing effect you can opt to wear the sleeves up or down.
The rich red and black stripes really pop and while this look does come with a fabric corset I opted to pair a more bold silver d-ring belt with this look. The skirt featured a jagged edge to add that extra level pirate style and I just adore the fit. 

The last item included in the costume set is a matching red and black striped head scarf witch is hidden under my hat and proved to be the best way to keep my fringe hidden when wearing the tricorn hat. It's not often I go fringeless for a photo shoot but I love the look of this style of hat so I had to.  

The Tricorn Pirate Hat with Red Lace Trim is absolutely fab I think I clearly have a thing for this specific style as I've used two different versions of this hat in the past year!

But for this look I did not limit myself to just a pirate hat. No, I needed a few awesome weapons to complete the evil pirate theme. I chose a brown and gold fake pirate pistol (clearly I have no idea how to use it lol) and all my time favourite piece the Skeleton Cutlass!


This magnificent plastic sword features skeletons, skulls and chains. The red, silver and black accents pair perfectly with my look and I just adore how bold and big this piece is. While some of these pieces have sold out there are many more in stock that will work just as brilliantly.

As you can also see I even added a little parrot to my outfit as every pirate needs a trusty parrot! This little fella is adorable and will now be a feature with all my skeletons and silly goodies in my lounge room.  He's that cute he took over my portraits as you can see!
What I love most about Costume Box has to be the endless supply of themed goodies that help you create the whole look. I can't wait to get more styles and share more themes with you guys over the next 2 months!

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