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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Elements Rainwear

Over the last few winters I've noticed lots of pinups sporting some amazing rainwear. Being from soggy old Melbourne there is a huge need for stylish, vintage inspired raincoats that actually compliment your figure apposed to hiding it.

Elements Rainwear have answered our prayers with a huge selection of coats in retro and modern style coats, hats, umbrellas and more. If it's going to product you for the rain and wind Elements Rainwear have got you covered.

Ruby Raincoat - £51.01

With my figure and own personal style I wanted to pick a jacket that would hug my curves and protect my hair - the important things yes?

So after window shopping on the amazing webstore I ordered the Ruby Raincoat in the NAG2 clear PVC with black polka dots. I've always wanted a clear raincoat and the addition of polka dots won me over instantly.

Size wise I went to the fit gods (Elements Rainwear customer service) and we chatted about my measurements and what would fit me best. The size I ended up going with was a 3XL so be sure to check the size chart and add 3 or 4 inches to your actual measurements if you will be wearing this style with many layers.

When Ruby arrived I was blown away with the stunning clear PVC and instantly tried it on over my skater dress. The 3XL is a very firm fit on arms (an inch or two more in the upper arm would be perfect) but perfect for my waist. I tend not to button up any coats over my chest so this style is perfect for me - always need to show a cheeky bit of boobie! The coat is fully shaped to the waist with a flowing skirt, open placket, button down detail, side pockets, matching belt, 7 stainless post poppers and a drawstring hood. I also ordered the PVC belt in black to pair with this coat but as soon as I wore it I knew I loved the coat without.


As you can see from the images we took this piece is retro perfection and due to the polka dot print so many colours pop beneath it. For this photo shoot I wanted to add a little pop off colour so I paired the Ruby with a Dangerfield flamingo border dress and it really pops with when mixed with this clear PVC fabric.

Not a fan of clear coats? Well most styles have a huge selection of colour and sheerness options so you can find the perfect colour for any outfit. Just look at all the choices!

What I love most about Elements Rainwear is the brilliant selection of coats be I short or long. You can pick the perfect bright mod coat or a classic trench. Choose a more modern look or go full retro and if you love a style but don't want to over do it then order it once again in another colour!

After testing the fit of the Ruby I think I'll be sticking to this specific style and ordering one or two more colours in the future. I'm smitten with the GRT1 dark green shade and the Pink or Black based solid polka dots are just too adorable - you can never have too many polka do goodies in your wardrobe.

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