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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

South American Socialites

Erswilder have released another amazing new range with a focus on the wildlife of South America. Created by guest designer Lorri McPherson these bright and adorable creatures are a must have for any avid collector. Featuring flamingos, alpacas, sloths, anteaters and more!
Who is the monkey with the most amazing moustache? It's Theodore! This fancy little gentleman looks rather dashing with his top hat and monocle. 

Perched on a little blue branch which was the inspiration for the matching look! The little details on Theodore and his accessories are what makes this piece shine. The little sparkles within the top hat, etching on the branch and shimmer within his facial hair really make him pop.
I'm usually not a huge fan of purple but  this collection has me loving the shade for the very first time!
How can something so scary be so gosh darn cute? With those shape teeth, chubby tail and under bite what's not to love. 
Fancy head wear seems to be the fashion for this collection, and Pedro really knows how to rock a bowler hat. The mixture of flat and patterned resins really define the features and this piece is so beautiful in real life.
With a base of pale blue, this piece is super simple to pair with so many looks and patterns. What I love most about my selection from the South American Socialites collection is that each colour blends perfectly with my wardrobe.
Now for my absolute favourite piece from this collection - Chaz the Chinchilla!!!! I have such a soft spot for these adorable little critters and Chaz has completely won my heart.
Those little paws, that adorable party hat and those big ears - I can't take all this cuteness!!! Asides from the super sweet little hat his glittery tail has to be my favourite feature. It shines so much in the right light.


My goal on my next US trip is to meet one of the cuties in person. Which is your favourite from the new collection?

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