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Monday, May 7, 2018

Bops and Berets

As the weather cools down my addiction to winter accessories returns and you see just how crazy I am for berets. This year however I'm a little early and I'm shooting some of my favourite cross season Lindy Bop looks with the amazing Elleni the Label.

So belt in and prepare for some bright colours, stunning prints and the worlds most adorable berets.


I'm an absolute sucker for a dark floral print. There is something so graceful and classic about a black based floral fabric and the Leesa swing in black rose is absolutely darling. Featuring a full skirt, simple straps that are thick enough to hide any bra and a cheeky peak a boo bust with bow tie.

Now I'm wearing this style in a size 18 and it's very roomy almost too roomy at the waist. I would be more comfortable in a 16 or even 14 so if this is your standard size I highly suggest you go down one full size. There is no zip but the sheering panel at the back makes this a very roomy dress. It's listed as a 'comfy fit' so remember that when choosing your size and if you are an hourglass shape like myself the waist will be swimming on you in an 18.

The Leesa has recently hit the sale section of Lindy Bop so you can pick this up in for an awesome discounted price!

I've paired this with the deep maroon sweetie sweater from Heart of Haute and I love how this shade really compliments the floral fabric.

To make this look really pop I've worn my yellow and magenta beret. This stunning bright pop of yellow and deep pink works perfectly with the look and so well with my red hair. The large bow is bold and super cute and the little Elleni embroidered logo is freaking adorable.

The quality and design of Elleni The Brand products have blown me away. I'm proudly addicted to berets and these are by far the best I've ever owned. They sit perfectly no matter what hair style you choose to pair with it - I tend to go with messy curls or pigtails. The compliment every outfit and really make a statement and I can't wait for it to be chilly enough in Melbourne to wear them.
Cutie Pie Beret - $50.00 AUD

The Bella dress is a Lindy Bop fan favourite and always sells like hotcakes when a new print is released. The stunning neckline, puffy sleeves and super flattering swing shape compliments all shapes and sizes.

This season the Cherry Pie print version has been released with an amazing twist on the traditional cherry print fabric. This new style print is a mixture of those bright and sweet cherries we all adore mixed in with some slices of pie! This new fabric is so cute and perfectly pairs with my amazing cherry pie beret - a fully pie themed look!! Yes, you read that right and you can see it too!

'm wearing a freaking cherry pie beret, and it's completely adorable!!!!! These are just the start of a life long addiction and love for this label and I'll not be happy until I own every single one from their store. You can expect to see more of these adorable pieces throughout winter.


Size wise I'm wearing an 18 and it's a perfect fit as per usual as I've worn many of this style before. The cap puff sleeve has a little stretch so it compliments my upper arms and comfortably sits without an pressure or tightness. I think this might actually be a new and improved sleeve as I've found others I've worn in this style a bit too tight. The bust is perfect, and the waist has a little room but the fabric also has a little give so it can accommodate wider waistlines and if you tend to fluctuate you'll rest assured that this dress will always fit comfortably.

I've paired the Bella with my Vixen by Micheline Pitt wrap top to show just how versatile this garment is and how it can be converted into a crap cardigan with ease. Plus the mixing of fabric adds a winter look to a very summery fabric!

I love that this dress can be worn in each and every season based purely on how you choose to style it. For this blog I've obviously gone with a winter touch but the styling for both frocks all year round is so simple.

Now to start my next lust list and get even more of these dresses. I swear I would wear Lindy Bop every day if I could







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