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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Treasure Island

My two favourite Aussie labels have teamed up once again!! The creative geniuses at Dangerfield and Erstwilder have created a pirate's dream with their new collaboration Treasure Island. Packed to the sails with the most adorable selection of crazy sea fairing folk and treasures. Each with a unique or cute spin on the theme.

For this post I wanted to share my top 3 favourite pieces paired with the cutest print in the land - X Marks The Spot a new casual frock from Dangerfield.

When I received a sneaky preview of these pieces Charlotte of the Sea instantly stood out to me. A stunning wench with flowing raven locks, big red roses and pirate perfect accessories. 

The colours used within the enamel are rich and dark and her look almost a pirate pinup. Charlotte was obviously my style influence for this shoot.

Now I need to get my hands on her accessories and hat get some dress up party invites! 

A Treasure Island themed post would not be complete without a Pirate and Edward really is an exceptional fella. It's clear that my styling tips for this whole shoot were half Charlotte and half Edward and I love the results. 


 Edward is a super stylish salty sea legged pirate with some serious styling sass. Golden rings adorn his beard and a  sleek eye patch and hat combo finish off his look. Obviously I needed to rock the patch as well because who does not love an excuse to wear an eye patch?

Now I tend to wear lots of red and I always worry that a brooch with a lot of red or black might not pop on my frocks and tops but this really works with all shades or red. I'm not sure who I love more the pirate or the wench. 

Lastly a bootylicious chest of treasure - there are so many boobie jokes I can make right now but I'll let them slide cause this is all about the booty! What's the most important part of Treasure Island? The booty and this chest is pull of sparkling amazing bling. 

Pearls, diamonds, emeralds and rubies adorn this treasure chest and they pop perfectly on the gold/ and red base. 

I absolutely the way this piece pops on both blue and red. The mixture of colours are completely different from the first two pieces and I love how this pairs with so many different looks. 

From brooches to frocks! Time to talk about this amazing new X Marks The Spot Dress from Dangerfield. The perfect print to pair with each and every piece from this range this super soft and lightweight dress features a faux button up bust and an invisible back zip. A waist belt in the same fabric, capped sleeve and V-neck. 

I'm wearing the 18 and it fits like a dream! So comfortable and easy to wear all year round. I own this exact style in a bat print and skeleton seahorse print and I wear these on rotation at work as they give great coverage and fit so perfectly.

The fabric has a little stretch and the print - oh my gosh it's pure magic!! A literal treasure map on your body I never knew I needed this fabric until now and I don't know how I ever lived without it! 

The full range of Treasure Island goodies are available at both Dangerfield and Erstwilder's online stores! So be sure to snap up the collection and an amazing outfit to match. There are more pieces inspired by the brooches so be sure to check out each and every piece.

Dangerfield are currently having a sale so you can snap up the pirate themed range with an amazing discount!

Jay wears the Black Friday Bat Tee 

Manyt hanks to my husband Jay for snapping these images and being a pirate dork with me. Gotta love it when your photographer wears the brand you are reviewing!

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