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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Everybody Screeeeeeeam!

It would not be a Halloweenie time of year without me using a Panic! at the Disco lyric or a spooky print filled post!

For this review I went Halloween crazy and ordered all of my favourite holiday prints and styles from Sourpuss. I'm such a mad fan of this brand and have been for years. Their frocks, skirt and cardigans are my daily wardrobe staples and each season I can't get enough.

Ok I know I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady but I could not go past all items in the Lucy Fur print! This adorable retro printed mini swing dress absolutely fantastic. The print is jam packed full of cats, moons, bats and little starts with a mixture of orange, white and black.

The Floozy Dress shape is a must have for all busty girls out there. I'm wearing the 2XL or XXL and it fits me like a globe. I can wear it with or without a bra and the twins stay up and out there. It's a mini on me but maybe not on others as my chest and toosh tend to make a short dress a mini - damn these ample assets.

The fabric is really interesting in the floozy as well as it's a poly/spandex mix that always seems to say cool - now this is a must for us right now as it's super hot in Melbourne.

I paired this with the Lucky Devil cardigan in an XL. I have so many of the SP cardis and they live forever, always have the best embroidered detail or prints and just rock my world.

This the little devil patches on each lapel make this cardigan a little cheekier and I just love the firm fit of the fabric and XL size.

Sticking with the Lucy Fur kitty of brilliance I snapped up the sweater in a 2XL for a more relaxed fit on the waist and hip while not morphing the print in any way. This baby is super soft and lightweight and fits like a dream. I can't wait for the cold weather to return so I can pair this with high waisted jeans or with adorable peter pan collared shirts.

This is a rather long style jumper so it pairs perfectly with the swing style skirts and you can either tuck or bunch the fabric in a knot.

I paired this sweater with what might be the best skirt I've had in years for the super hot weather we are currently having. The creepy crawlies skirt is soft and flowing, so light and feels like you are wearing absolutely nothing. The bold spider print borders the base of the skirt perfectly and the waistline is perfect in a 2XL for me.

Being the silly wife that I am I roped my husband into this shoot and made him wear a skeleton onesise and this adorable jack'o'lanten head piece from Kmart.

 We got super silly as you can see and this also resulted in the following dance.


I've been dying to get this skater dress  and every store in Australia always sells out once they replenish their stock. Being a skater addict and a border print lover the Grave Digger was a must have. A super flattering shape, short little skirt and long sleeve make this the perfect dress for me.


This in a 2XL and I actually think I could size down due to stretch as I've worn this twice now and the arms are roomy as is the waist. The fabric is so comfortable though and I'll be wearing this all year round.

Lastly one of my new go to handbags the Sabrina.  I feel hard for this ruby red sparkling wonder when I saw the new season catalogue and knew that this and the bat wallet must be mine.

Sourpuss make my absolute favourite purses as they use amazing prints, make the perfect sizes and have so much storage inside. I have 6 in total and I think that Sabrina is my new favourite so all the other prints and colours are most definitely on my future sourpuss lust lists.
This shade of red also pairs perfectly with all of the items featured throughout this review but now I'm hoping that a Halloween style orange will be released next year in the same sparkly fabric.

Many thanks to the amazing Liz from L12 Photography for making my kitschy Halloween ideas come to life!!


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