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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cute Little Critters

This spooky season Jubly Umph have been inspired by all of that which is a little spooky, a little retro and a whole lotta cuteness. I recently got my hands on my 3 stand out favourite brooches and some super sweet earrings and wanted to show you how well every single piece ties in with Halloween and my own wardrobe. With a mixture of darkness and light, Jubly Umph has created some super sweet pieces that I know  you will all adore.

Midnight Tomcat Brooch -  $29.95 AUD

From the moment I received these pieces I knew exactly what top I'd be pairing with them for this shoot. My Vixen orange and stripe bad girl top is the perfect shade to bring a more spooky vibe into these images and all of the colours used on each brooch pair perfectly with the bold stripes.

Firstly I paired up the Lady Long Legs and Midnight Tomcat. An unlikely couple but when placed together make an absolutely purrfect match.

Simply sweet and a little spooky looking each piece has such amazing presence and shape and as the base for both pieces is black I find they match each other with ease.

Nothing too large here so you can wear multiple pieces at once and if you know me well you'll know I'm a grouper of pins and brooches and have a wardrobe of pinned up motos to prove it.


Delicately drawn flowers cover both creatures the Tomcat with a soft mint shade and the Lady Longlegs a lilac shade. What I love most about each little critter has to be the extra little details. For the spider the sparkles on each leg which almost create a shimmering effect and the for the kitty I love those yellow peepers.

Not so spooky looking but just as cute is the Painted Crescent moon brooch! Reminiscent of the years of the Ziegfeld Follies and Art Deco this floral moon is absolutely stunning. 


Created using soft primary colours this combination stands out and looks brilliant. I love how well it also matches with orange and I can't wait to style this with more looks and themes in the future.These are my second set of Jubly Umph Brooches and I have to say I love them just as much as I love their large selection of enamel pins and let's face it everything else listed on the website. 
Red Rose Stud Earrings - $16.95 AUD

I can't remember the last time I wore stud earrings but as of this week I cannot live without them. I've been wearing really big hoops for a while now and I love the little pop of colour that all of these adorable studs give to my every day work look. Each set is made from low-allergenic solid stainless steel & resin so there will be no issues or reactions.

This simple rockabilly style rose is sweet and soft, the star like shape pops through even with my dark hair and they pair wonderfully with all of my necklaces. 

Adding a little bling to this little lady bird has created what might just be my stand out favourite piece from this release. The shape, the colours and the fact that its a beetle (and I love wearing bugs) has me swooning and as I write this I'm actually wearing these. 

Lastly the Azure Diamond which always adds that much needed pop of colour to my look and a whole little shine. I've been wearing all 3 over the course of this week but this is by far the brightest and always gets noticed.
Which do you love?

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