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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gumball Pinup

I've fully embraced colour this year and although I'm always going to head straight for the all black pinup/gothic look sometimes you just have to break out and wear the cutest and brightest outfit possible.

A few weeks back the amazing Unique Vintage Gumball Machine swing skirt hit the Cherri Lane store I instantly snapped it up and started to plan the perfect photo shoot for it. I actually racked my brain thinking of what would work best with this already colourful and stunning swing skirt but then Collectif answered my prayers with their amazing bubblegum pink moto jacket and the rest was history.

It was my goal not only to shoot this outfit in the perfect way but to try and capture the fun and adorable nature of the print with bubblegum and lots of kitschy goodness. Unique Vintage always create the best prints and perfectly place their patterns with flattering cuts and swingtastic borders.

Sizewise I tend to go for the 2XL's in all Non Stretch items from UV and an XL for super stretchy fabrics. This skirt has little to no give so be sure to order the size that works best for your natural waistline. The waist on the 2XL fits perfectly and I really love how the pleats flatter your shape as some styles can be a little too bulky.  I'm will always return to adding this style swing to my collection as it never fails to make me swoon. The fit is always spot on and the fabrics and prints are pure magic.

I paired this amazing skirt with the new and most wanted Moto Jacket on the planet from Collectif. From the moment this little pink moto was released girls all over the word were drooling and even little old me who does not really do pink needed to have it.

With the huge collection of biker/moto jackets currently hiding in my wardrobe I'm always on the hunt for a new colour or new fabric option. This season Collectif outdid themselves and created this bubblegum pink cotton zip up moto with all of the trimmings. Like my last Collectif moto I ordered this style in a size 18 to make sure it zipped up over the twins and the result is an absolutely perfect fit.

I love the option of a cotton moto for warmer months and I also love how it fits and hugs you at the waistline. I own so many different motos but this by far is my stand out favourite and I really hope to see other colour was in the Outlaw style in the future. I'm always on the hunt for unique or super bright colours in this style and I'd love to see a red, yellow version and possibly a teal. I missed out on the glitter faux leather version of this jacket and I've been kicking myself ever since

Then I might have gone a little crazy with my accessories how can I not with such an amazing print and a super sweet pink biker jacket. My brooches and earrings are from the new Australian label Kaiju Candy and once you get your hands on her goodies you'll need to by everything - I swear to you it's true I already own everything. From Munchy the Monster to the cutest hotdog that ever existed you can find these and many more styles in her store right now. A full blog and huge review will be hitting Curves To Kill very soon featuring all my absolute favourites from her range.

This look was completed with one of the wildest pairs of shoes I've ever owned from Iron Fist. Now we all know how amazing and unique Iron Fists prints and styles can be but have you ever seen giant cupcake platforms? I was going to wear a basic red or yellow pump with this outfit but then I thought hell no, lets go big, bright and brilliant!

I wear IF shoes in a size 10US and the fit has never failed me over the last 9 or 10 years that I've been wearing them. Now this shoe might look a little daunting height wise but due to the platform to heel ratio they are actually super comfortable. The thick base and heel also helps to secure you and while heavy - because that's a whole lotta shoe they can be walked in with ease. Not a night on the town dancing shoe but still comfortable and walkable.

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  1. Guh! I LOVE everything about these photos! The whole outfit is amazing!