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Monday, January 2, 2017

Kittees, Leopard Print and Fright Frames!

My beloved Mandie B has hit the fashion world once again with a powerful punch! This time the focus is on a casual clothing range featuring cat inspired images and slogans. Appropriately named I love Kittees this label has made me make grabby hands at the screen and lust after every print. Pair this with the amazing New York based eyewear lords -  Lindsay Lowe Eyewear and I'm never changing or wearing another pair of glasses again!! Now let's gush!

I Love Kittees as I mentioned above is the brainchild of Mandie B who is one of the designers at Heart of Haute. I've loved her other work for many years so when I first saw the designs from her t-shirt range I knew I had to have them all. I'm a full blown kitty mum now so I've gotta be proud of it!

What I love most about this brand of tees is the retro and almost punk rock vibe from the images. Taking the 'catseye' sunglasses and working it into the perfect logo with whiskers of even the die 9 times tee having that 80's Californian DIY punk vibe to it.

I wear a 2XL in these and the fit is great. I tend to want room in my tees when there is a featured print so I don't stretch or crack the artwork. The length is great for tucking or wearing over skirts or jeans and the arms have plenty of room. As you can see at a 2XL the fit is very firm but also super soft and comfortable so with one days wear it will mold to your shape perfectly.

I paired this with what might be the cutest skirt on  earth from Unique Vintage. How adorable is this cat themed wiggle skirt complete with ears, a little kitty face and adjustable braces. I'm wearing this wiggle skirt in a size XL and it's a great fit as it's super stretchy. I am wearing a corset under this outfit and as you can see is does show through a little but with a thicker foundation garment you will have no issues with visible boning or the shape showing.

It's great to see UV creating such adorable themed garments and I hope to see many more wiggles like this to come.

Now lets switch focus and gush about my new specs! So firstly who are Lindsay Lowe Eyewear?

'Lindsay Lowe is a fashion icon of conventions, TV shows, and a fashion trendsetter for New York nightlife.  She has been in the fashion industry for ten years learning and understanding new trends that happen before they pop into the United States. 

 Lindsay Lowe has traveled across the United States finding out what people want and also what people cannot find in fashion searching for their identities. Lindsay Lowe is a huge fan of cartoons, wacky horror movies, sci-fi, tarot cards, dark arts, also retro pinup and 60’s mod.  Lindsay Lowe has all different types of styles in fashion and in accessories.  

Lindsay Lowe get’s stopped on the street anywhere she goes and photographed.  Lindsay Lowe is a huge convention fan of horror conventions and of course Comicon.  Through these conventions Lindsay Lowe has done research and development through seeing people’s fashion through Cosplay costumes to gory special effects makeup.  

All of these talents should be put into a fashion statement for the mainstream in Lindsay Lowe’s vision.  Lindsay Lowe has figured out a new way to bring all of these themes into fashion in a new market that has never seen these themes.  A huge market in the fashion industry that is now called a fashion accessory must have is eyewear.'

Are you a mad fan of psychobilly, the cramps, horror and all things a little bit punk rock? Then these are the sunglasses for you! A classic shape, bold bright yellow (The PERFECT shade of yellow) with black leopard spots. A wild and amazing take on the traditional and  boring leopard print. These are absolutely amazing and are comfortable, chic and currently on rotation with the other pair featured in this blog. 

The best thing about this print and shape is that if you are in need of prescription glasses Lindsey Row can make that wish come true as they offer this exactly pair with clear lenses and with one short trip to the optician you can have a prescription popped in. I'm getting my eyes tested soon and I just adore the fact that I can find a pair of spectacles in the same shape and design as my favourite sunglasses.

Now here is a brilliant print for the old school horror fans that really does glove in the dark. The 'Fright Board' print pops like magic when the lights go out and like the pair above can be turned into prescription glasses. There are also some brand new shapes coming out in this print so if this specific style is not to your liking how about one of these which are currently on preorder. 

There are a few more amazing new styles in the works but I won't overload you guys just yet! When they are released just like these glasses and the tees above I'll be needing absolutely everything as the retro styling and old sci-fi/horror/cinema vibe has me smitten. 
Many thanks to Elizabeth at L12 Photography for snapping these shots and sharing the crazy kitty love with me!

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