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Sunday, January 8, 2017

A whole new Eva Marie!

The Eva Marie has been one of stand out favourites from Unique Vintage for a while now as it's a great form fitting and flattering shape. Complete with 3/4 sleeves, a full swing skirt and a bustline that compliments my large chest.

Bordello TEEZE-14 Black-White Patent Platform Pump - $114.00

While I've modeled 3 different versions of this style I have to say the fit on this specific garment is a little different from the others I own. I'm wearing this in an XL and the stretch in the fabric is that good and loose that I could size down to a large with ease. There is heaps of room to move in the waist and sleeves and it's a really loose fit.

The fabric of this specific Eva Marie really drew me in this seasons and I love the dark polka dot's on a deep almost blood red burgundy. This new style Eva is also available in navy with white dots and that baby is next on my list.

I own two other Eva Marie styles and they have faux button up bustlines but this style has now has real buttons and I think that might be why the fit has changed. It's still a stunning size but I highly recommend going down to a size or two for a perfect fit. The Ava is still a stunning frock though and with the new navy blue and white polka dot colour way you'll be adding both to your collection this year. Given the amount of room in this specific XL sizing down won't be an issue with the buttons as it's super stretchy and won't gape.

I'm always dreaming of new prints, colours for my favourite UV styles and I'd love to see this specific dress in a forest green, ruby red and black or even a floral print with a solid collar. So let's see what new versions and new styles UV have to offer us this year and if there are any fit questions or even review requests for their styles please comment below and I will help asap!

Thank you Liz from L12 Photography for these amazing images. I can't wait to create some Barbie Vixen realness with you this month!

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