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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cat Crazy!!!

If you are a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing then you will be a collector and lover of all of the stunning Mary Blair featured on skirts, dresses, adorable peasant blouses and now luxurious silk scarves. My first purchase from the Magic of Mary Blair collection was the amazingly bright and unique Yellow Train Border Jenny Skirt and this one item started a long love affair with the detailed and beautiful illustrations featured on so many different styles at Pinup Girl Clothing. Mary's illustrations inspired the Disney loving child in us all while still keeping that perfect pinup look.


Now being a full blown crazy cat lady, I felt hard for all of the cat related prints from this range and from the moment I saw these adorable grey kitties on the Heidi Dress, I knew that I needed to have this in my collection. I've been a mad fan of the Heidi Dress for many years as it's not only a dream to wear but a brilliant cut for an hourglass figure such as mine. It's great for big busts yet slims out the waist with a stunning firm fit and matching skinny belt which was not used for this photo shoot. I wear the Heidi in an XL and the fit is phenomenal. This new Heidi offers a angular sweetheart neckline and a different gather on the sleeve area which gives a much better fit allowing for more movement and up and down bust sizes.

I'm usually not one to ever wear pale blue or pink but I honestly love how this colour blend works with my skin tone and how well it pairs with dark red locks. While I know that I can wear these colours I'm usually a little worried I might be too bright so I paired the Heidi with my beloved Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute and I really love how the basic black breaks up the print and adds a little more depth. 

There is always something so very whimsical about each Mary Blair print and once you start your collection I'm afraid you'll not be able to stop at just one. Each print brings with it as many smiles and compliments and with new prints being added still you will have a huge selection available to add to your wardrobe. This year was the year of trying new colours, styles, theme and pushing my own boundaries so I'm testing the waters with pale pinks and blues and I just adore how they work with my colouring.

If you don't have a Heidi Dress in your collection yet you must literally run out right now and get one! I wear mine casually, to work, out on date nights and absolutely everywhere as they are perfect! Now if only I could magically have each and every print ever created in this style my life would be complete. This print has also started what I can only describe as a overwhelming need to own all the kitty prints. So I'm now hunting for the adorable ginger version of this dress and lots of other cat related pinup prints!

Many thanks to the brilliant Liz from L12 Photography for shooting these for me and for using this adorable barn door as the backdrop. Many thanks to the lovely owner of this amazing house who let us use her garage/barn door as a location.


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