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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hola At Me

It's been way too long between Hola Chica features and as I sit at LAX waiting for my flight to San Francisco I think now is the best time to drool all over some of their stunning styles - suitable for both winter and spring.

From the moment I discovered this Sydney based brand I was hooked and I've been wearing their stunning dresses and separates ever since. Currently I'm in love with 3 perfect items and I was lucky enough to shoot these prior to heading off on my holiday.

The Vida Dress is that little black dress that you will live in all year round. For a girl that likes to cover up her arms the 3/4 sleeve design is perfect and the super stretchy fabric accentuates your curves and holds you in and the same time. This fabric is DIVINE!! Super soft and the amount of stretch is phenomenal . 

I'm wearing the Vida in an XL and although my measurements are a little over the size chart the fabric works with my shape perfectly. Even my - let's face it - 'giant rack' fits in the bust area, there is lots of stretch. The design itself flatters all shapes and sizes and can accommodate both large and small busts.

I paired this perfect little black wiggle with my new The Positano Blue Glove from Have to Have and I love the how soft pale blue shade pops with the black dress. My beret was purchased many moons ago from ebay so I sadly don't have a link for that.  Have to Have blow me away each and every season with their new styles and colours of leather gloves and I can't wait to see what's in store for them next winter! 

After falling for the Vida Dress you must try the Vida Top! This blouse has the same fit but can be paired with skirts, shorts and jeans. It's the perfect length to both tuck and wear outside of jeans and skirts and just as stretchy as the dress. Given the smaller amount of fabric I worry my bust may be a little too large for the cup on this top but I still love the fit and with a little more skin showing you can adjust this to fit by tucking a little tighter. I was also wearing a corset with this outfit so my bust appears even larger than usual! 

I paired the Vida Top with the delectable Scarlet Red Kitty Pencil skirt and they look amazing together. Made from a soft and luscious red scuba fabric this skirt is AMAZING! So very comfortable yet still super sexy. I would honestly live in scuba material if possible as it's a dream to wear. There is plenty of give at the waist and hips so this will easily fit a 16 to 18AU and with my 34 inch waist it still had room to move.

With the bright pop of red paired with the black I knew that the new Carnivale gloves from Have to Have would be the perfect match for this outfit. The classic black leather glove shape with a multicoloured pop of each and every shade popping through between your fingers! These gloves are so fun and cute and a must have for any glove collecting freak like myself. 

Many thanks to Elizabeth from L2 Photography for snapping these images of me before we left! We shot in record timing and I adore each and every image from this set and the next few blog posts! I can't wait to share them all! 

Anyway it's time to head off and enjoy the rest of our trip! I can't wait to share everything I did over here with you guys and shoot and review even more items when I return.

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