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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

All The Prints!

Steering clear of all black all week, I'm going out of my way this year to try new colour combinations and prints that I'd usually not be brave enough to wear. The year Voodoo Vixen has given us luscious colour combinations and super flattering styles that are must haves for the upcoming Spring/Summer season in Australia.

Rosie Dress -  £49.99

Never in my life did I expect such a pale print would work with my complexion but the Rosie dress has stolen my heart with it's super soft feminine floral print and stunning tailoring. I'm wearing this style in an XL and the fit is firm yet roomy around the waist. There is a little stretch to the fabric and the arms are super comfortable and not restricting in any way. 

I've always been to scared to wear such pale shades or colour combinations but there was something that drew me in instantly when I saw this print. 

My favourite features of the Rosie Dress have to be the pleated and structured buts, matching buttons and the upper arm flattering 3/4 sleeve. The fit in this style is so good you will be joining me by crossing yours fingers and toes for more colour ways and print options of this dress. 

After a little research I discovered that there is another style on the website named the Judy Dress and this is the exact same dress but the fabric is a richer, warmer almost Autumn print. A mixture of greens, oranges, reds and purples this is next on my lust list! 

Leslie Dress - £66.99

Hang on a minute!! Haven't we seen you in this dress or exact outfit before? Well you kind of have!! A while back I modeled my first Leslie Dress in Navy Blue paired with a red version of this cardigan. The Leslie Dress is the one nautical styled dress that EVER pinup needs in her collection. 

This frock hugs your curves, offers and boobtastic neckline and shows off all of my best assets. I was instantly in love with this dress when the Navy version was released but there is something a little bit more unique and more bold with the red version. I'm wearing the Leslie in an XL and the fit is still absolute perfection. This style also comes with a matching fabric belt but I love pairing it with my Heart of Haute Sweet Sweater to break up the print. 

With amazing styles like this in stock I'm super eager to see next seasons A/W range and get my hands on some new and stunning frocks. I've seen a few previews across social media and everything looks amazing.

Many thanks to Liz at L12 Photography for snapping these shots. I can't wait to share more of our work with you guys and to set up another shoot with her when I get home!

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