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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ruby Slippers, Planes and Lady Bugs

Each season Erstwilder outdo themselves with more unique and adorable designs and this past season I've been super into the Pinup Picnic, Beauty School and Happy Traveller ranges, filled with stunning styles we came to love from the previous seasons installments plus with a few new colour ways and new critters! 

I swear there is nothing better that arriving home to this polka dot covered box of brilliance and I was so excited to wear each and every one of these new styles. 

The raven haired original version of this brooch sold like hotcakes and when this adorable blonde was released I knew I wanted to stand apart from the crowd and try something a little lighter. This little lady is perfectly accessorized and inspires me with her outfit every time I wear her! I also love the mixture of colours here with a pale lilac as the skin tone, it really pops.

 Oh Lou-Lou you are one adorable little lady! I've been a mad fan of lady bugs since I was a little lady myself and I just adore their natural polka dot print. Lou-Lou is bold, cute and the perfect accessory for nearly all of my blouses and if you look closely you'll find one single sweetheart dot.

The team at Erstwilder are so creative and keep creating new and exciting forms of the traditional brooch. The Captain Cumulus brooch is a two piece style almost like a cardigan clip. The two individual pins give you complete placement control and looks amazing with winter tops in red, blue or yellow. I'm now searching for jackets and sweaters to wear this with as it's fantastic! It's super hard to choose just one from the Happy Traveler range and I have to admit that I'll be lusting after more of their vans, animals and airplanes as they are released.


Now lastly one of my stand out favourites from the entire catalogue - the Femme Fatale brooch. I have a collection, well a room full of heels and my favorites just so happen to be a super high pair of glittery red high heels. So why not pair my most loved heels with the most adorable brooch? This Femme now lives on my moto jacket and I love how the bold red shape and glitter effect makes her stand out on the black leather. 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds for my beloved Erstwilder and I can't wait to share the newest ranges with you over the next few months. I was lucky enough to view the next few ranges and I can't wait to get my hands on some spooky and space age themed goodies!

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