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Friday, June 3, 2016


I've fallen hard and heavy for Sydney based webstore - El Rodeo! With amazing tees, high waisted lace up shorts, vintage accessories, patches and more this store screams out to me and my love for all things a little country and grindhouse.

It was purely by chance that I happened to stumble across their IG account and since that moment I've had a hard love affair with both their shop and the awesome Elisia Mangione who runs the show. The bring you bad ass independent labels, and hand-picked vintage from the '70's to the '90's. Supporting local and international artists that create bangin' products, and stand behind sweatshop free production! What's not to love?

From the moment I laid eyes on their collection of Bandit and Mischief Made t-shirts I knew that a life long addiction had just started. I wear tees casually but rarely will you see me model them but for these I could not pass up a chance to snap such rocking designs.

I've been lusting after Mischief Made's tees for a while now and I'm so very smitten with their adorable retro prints and amazingly soft and comfortable fitting fabric. The Wolf Bait print appealed to the cheeky pinup in me and I love the old howler featured in the 'O'.

What I love most about this style is the neckline as I tend to have fit issues or find prints don't always work with my big bust. I've never tried either brand of tshirt so I opted for an XL in this range and the fit is perfect as the cotton is super stretchy. 

While I live in my leather biker jacket, I felt that the curve hugging shape of these tees needed to be shown off so I paired them with my all time favourite jacket, the Deadly Dames Crop Moto from Pinup Girl Clothing. This faux leather bolero really shows off the design and emphasizes your curves. 

While I thought the Wolf Bait tee was my absolute favourite, it turns out this one has my heart. Made by the label Bandit these tees are given that vintage feel and are so freaking cute! From the bold heart to the gun and beer I can definitely say that this lady loves the outlaw tee big time!

Now in Bandit I can wear a size Large with ease and they fit a little firmer than the other styles shown above but just as flattering and comfortable. I honestly can't wait to pair these with pencil skirts, jeans and shorts! Now to add more cowboy boots to my collection and style like crazy!

How adorable is this clumsy cowgirl? Sticking with the western vibe, featuring a super cute pinup and a lots of bright colours. Now much like the previous tee this style has a higher neckline but hell I can rock them. I never thought that was possible! In a size Large like the Bandit style this is a great fit and I think I'd rather size down with the Wolf Bait tee as well for a tighter fit at the waist now that I've tried all 3 brands.

This outfit is becoming one of my go to casual looks and I love how effortlessly fun these tees are. The cowgirl tee has inspired me to hunt down so super bright boots when I'm the US in August and I'll be sure to pack all of these for my travels.

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