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Friday, April 1, 2016

Doris My Dear

Never in my wildest dreams did ever think I would be head over heels in love with a pair of wide legged pants. For years and years, I've been addicted to super skinny, tapered jeans and trousers but I've always steered clear of flares and wide legs. But why? I was obviously missing out on the best, most flattering and bold pants in the universe!!!

Described perfectly as the 1940's trousers of your dreams the Doris Pants in black crepe are the most comfortable, stylish and stunning pants you will ever own. Featuring a high waist band, elasticated back with zip and carefully tailored pleats the Doris Pants fit like a dream.

From the moment I slipped into these trousers I knew they were magical. The thick high waistband perfectly accentuates my waist and the tailoring ensures that the fabric drapes perfectly and does not make me overly hippy. The waist to hip ratio on both myself and the fit of the pants is absolutely perfectly paired and I feel so confident when wearing them. My waist is currently 34 inches and when I checked the size chart I found that the XL might have been a little small for that measurement. So I sized up to a 2XL and the fit is spot on! While the elastic does give a little I did not want to risk an improper fit on perfect pants. So if your waist is between 33 and 35 inches I highly recommend the 2XL. 

Can we talk about Crepe! Where has this glorious, flowing fabric all of my life? I fell in love with this fabric when I first wore the Viva Dress and I can't believe I've never owned it before. Because of this super soft and breezy fabric these are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. Not only are these super sophisticated and stylish but they are more comfortable than any of my pajama pants - yes, you read that right; more comfy that PJS!!!!

I'm a huge fan of my pj's, don't get me wrong, but I never imagined I'd find a wonderfully tailored pants that fit so well and wear a dream to wear add day long. The flow of the fabric when you walk is absolutely magical as well. Trust me when you wear these pants your life with change forever!!

Currently the Doris Pants are available in black as shown, chocolate brown and khaki - classic shades for a classic style. I really hope there are more colour options in the future for this style as I'd love a navy blue or forest green pair of these for my collection.

I paired these bold pants with what has to be my all time favourite blouse from Heart of Haute. The Elsa blouse has been featured on my blog before in a soft baby blue but the Chambray Swiss Dot fabric has stolen my heart. A very soft and light fabric that is not sheer (many people have asked me this question) that hugs your curves and created a stunning 1940's look. My chest has grown like crazy over the last few years and I now wear a 1XL in this button up as I don't want to pop a button. Previously the XL's have just fit my chest so with a style like this or even the Ella I've sized up so I can wear them to work without any issues. So that's a 1XL in button up tops and an XL in standard items at Heart of Haute.

Many thanks to Rom Anthonis for shooting these strong images. As soon as we both saw the leg of these pants we knew exactly what we wanted to capture and I adore these images. Can't wait to share the rest of our shoot with you in future posts! 


  1. Dang! Just had to buy these now too! They look amazing on you!

  2. Ooh, they look amazing! I love wide-leg pants, but sadly I don't fit in them at the moment, so these look so lovely!
    One question- do they need to be ironed? I do love clothes I can just throw in the washing machine, then grab off the clothes horse and throw on! I'm not so into ironing, but I might make an exception for pants as gorgeous as this, especially if they're as comfy as you say.

  3. Will defs be getting these pants!!!! Sooooo hawt!!! 💖💖💖💖

  4. What shapewear did you use for this? Fantastic look!

  5. Nice look and also Pant but if wear a white shirt or top with it, then it will more gorgeous.