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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tattoos and Fishnet

Recently I have fallen head over heels for two amazing items at Pinup Girl Clothing. I've been dreaming up outfits and styling ideas, thinking of what accessories would suit them perfectly and if they would rock my curves in all the right ways.

Well I finally got my hands on my two most lusted after pieces and they are just as amazing as I expected them to be! Usually when styling myself I tend to go for one style or theme but for these items I went in two directions and both suit me to a T. Giving into my true gothic roots and my love for skater style dresses.

As a huge fan of the Hotrod Honey wiggle dress I knew the moment they announced swing skirted style I'd be absolutely smitten. When I slipped into this dress for the first time I knew I needed each and every print and future colour options. Words can't explain just how comfortable and amazing I feel in this dress.

My go to style dress is a skater on most casual days. This is a more up market pinup version, perfectly constructed with high quality stretch cotton. The fabric is covered with a unique and super cute tattoo print designed by the always amazing Micheline Pitt. Micheline creates the most amazing prints for both her range an the Pinup Couture range and I love he illustration style and influences.

While I wear the wiggle dress in a size Large I opted for an XL for this specific style so that my giant bustline would not warp the print and it's spot on. I could use Large for tighter fit but prints such as these I think it's best not to size down. The fabric is super stretchy and great for both the coolest part of the year as well as spring and autumn. This style comes with a faux leather thick waist belt that suits the print perfectly and I love how with each dress my waist belt collection grows!
I paired this style with a simple black petticoat but as you can see I might need a shorter one as it popped out from bellow! I do love the ruffles showing so I have absolutely no issues and the length of the dress is perfect for my height. The great thing about this style is that you can wear it with flats and no petticoat during the day then add a killer pair of heels and a moto jacket for a night out.

I honestly can't wait to get a full set of these dresses as I will live in them! Currently they have these two other amazing prints and I need them both in my life asap. I've put myself on the waitlist for both of these prints and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they original wiggle stripe print in red and yellow are released as a new colour way next season.

I don't think I've wanted a jacket as much as I have the Lilith. A completely unique and intricately designed fashion masterpiece the Lilith Bustle Fishnet jacket is hands down the most stunning item in my wardrobe right now. I would have killed for a jacket like this at the height of my gothic years and having it in my collection now fuels my love for all things black and I adore styling outfits with it.

Now the Lilith is a limited edition piece so if you love it don't miss your chance to own a little piece of fashion history - yes I said it! Laura you will go down in fashion history for this piece! I'm wearing an XL and it's roomy without being too big for me, has space and movement in the bust and waist and although it's made from a non stretch fishnet plastic tulle it's amazingly comfortable.

What I love most about this bustle jacket is how the tulle sits and keeps it's shape, you can fold the fabric over, pack it into a suitcase and when you take it out it will still keep it's amazing shape. Lilith hugs my curves perfectly and the full skirted bottom create the perfect amount of drama. I paired this with my beloved Deadly Dames Kinky Box skirt in Fetish print but the styling possibilities are endless. I originally wanted this to shoot with the Gilda Gown in black but I got this a little later. Imagine how amazing this would be paired with a full length body hugging gown in deep red or an amazing emerald green wiggle dress.

I loved this style so much I used in in two photo shoots! I wanted to show the stunning style paired with colour and in a natural location as shown above and photographed by my brilliant girl Brooke Orchard! But I also wanted to use it for a strong, studio based black and white shoot. So I teamed up with Rom Anthonis and created these darker studio shots.

The thing I love most is how versatile the jacket is for such a unique piece. I've paired it with both a bright swing skirt and high waisted disco pants and everything works perfectly. I can't wait to continue creating amazing outfits with this piece!

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  1. You look phenomenal! That jacket is smoking hot!

    C xx