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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trust in Rust

Rust and Regret have to my favourite accessory brand in Australia and for the last 2 years I've been 100% addicted to their fantastic creations. With bold chunky designs, lots of silver and a unisex appeal they are both mine and my partner's go to jewellery company.

So we teamed up with Alesich Photography and snapped our stand out favourite styles from this season. 

The Enhancer Necklace (Jay) - $34.95
Lapel Pin Package - (Teer) - $20.00

Our first set of necklaces are two that are close to my heart as they feature two things I love - beards and sleeping! My necklace features an adorable little bird sleeping flat on it's back and to be honest I thought it was a dead bird until I read the description. Either way I love it! 

Available in silver and on a 80cm chain this and all the styles shown in this review are perfect to wear with high cut tees and tops. I've also included the brilliant lapel pins that are new to this season and add that extra little bit of quirk to my leather jacket. 

I'm all about patches and pins so when I saw these I knew that they had a new home on this leather jacket. The set features a cat/meow, rad speech bubble, vampire lips and yo pins. I have issues with most pins as they tend to bend or fall off but these babies won't budge and are super secure.

Jay is wearing the Enhancer Necklace in silver and this is my stand out favourite style of the current season. As you can see I love a bearded fella and absolutely adore my man's bushy beard! The team at Rust and Regret love facial hair as well and have created 3 new products to pair with your beard and keep it looking perfect. 

The Enhancer is a full functioning beard comb in vintage antique silver, gotta love an accessory that looks great and actually works! The Enhancer is also available in gold and below you can see the black version that's currently not for sale. R & R have also introduced two new beard products to their collection with a nourishing beard balm and non-jewellery  beard enhancers. These are great gifts for the man in your life this Christmas. 

The Enhancer Necklace in black (Teer) 

From one love to another! Pizza is the one thing that we can't live without and the reason I've got killer curves. So it's fair to say we are total pizza sluts and proudly wear this awesome necklace. 

I've noticed a trend via social media and that trend is a huge love for all things cheesy and with this pizza slice shaped pendant you can show your love for your obsession in a guilt free way. 

I love how everything at Rust and Regret is unisex and no matter what the design may be you will always be able to swap/mix and match items with your partner. 

Lastly we have what every skull crazed person needs in their collection. Made of Stirling silver this ring is bold and chunky in all the right ways. It features text reading Skull & Bones Rust & Regret around a side profile of a skull. As you can we have a matching pair and I love that they look great on both a male and female finger. While I don't wear necklaces every day I do wear this ring as much as humanly possible!

If you're looking for something special for your loved one this silly season be sure to check out all the goodies that Rust & Regret have to offer.


  1. I adore the pizza necklace, I'm checking out the site now. You look gorgeous, love the hairstyle and leather jacket.


  2. amazing stuff! you both look lovely.
    by the way, this post seam to be doubled within itself.

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